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Oct. 7


Sprinting not only burns huge amounts of calories, it also keeps your metabolism on overdrive for days! Combined with jogging and/or running sprints may yield incredible results. Sprinting is excellent for the core and upper body as well.


Oct. 1

Jump Around

Why do you think boxers have such great bodies? Jumping rope is an incredibly effective cardiovascular exercise, which also works the shoulders, arms, core and legs. Jumping rope doesn't require a lot of space; ropes are fairly inexpensive and can be easily taken anywhere for a great workout on the fly. Best of all, you can burn between 150 to 200 calories in just 15 minutes! 


Sept. 30

Plan Your Post-Workout Meal

If you want to see results, your post-workout meal is one of the most important meals of the day. You might have heard of the importance of protein right after your workouts to help rebuild muscle tissue. However, carbs are just as important because of their ability to restore muscle glycogen. If your post-workout meal doesn't contain carbs, your body will actually tear more muscle down in order to restore muscle glycogen. Protein shakes are usually a great way to get the right amount of both (about 2 to 1 carbs to protein). It's best to eat less than 30 minutes after your workout and no more than an hour.


Sept. 25
Red Means GO!

Lycopene is the red pigment found in tomatoes, red peppers, pink grapefruit and watermelon. According to the Cancer Cure Foundation, lycopene attacks roaming oxygen molecules — known as free radicals — which are suspected of triggering cancer.

Sept. 24
Elliptical Meets the Treadmill

The Cybex Arc, a hybrid elliptical-treadmill machine found at many gyms, is great for slimming and toning the lower body. Because the stride is much longer and steeper than the elliptical, your glutes and thighs get a seriously intense workout without the impact of running.

Sept 22. 

Target More Than One Muscle Group

Compound exercises are movements that involve more than one major muscle group at a time, making your workouts shorter, more efficient and more effective. An example is the reverse lunge shoulder press, which targets all the major muscles of the body and the core in one simple move. To do, lunge backwards while simultaneously lifting your arms straight overhead with 5-pound weights.

Sept. 18
Try "Pomenade"
Have you tried pomegranate juice yet? It has a myriad of health benefits: it contains antioxidants that keep bad LDL cholesterol from oxidizing (which can lead to heart disease), and can prevent blood clots. If you think the juice tastes too strong, mix it with lemonade, which in and of itself is amazing for the immune system as a strong antiviral and antibacterial. Stir together 1/3 pomegranate, 1/3 water and 1/3 naturally sweetened lemonade.

Sept. 15
Berry Good!
Eating a handful of berries a day will make you look younger, as they've been found to boost antioxidant activity, which keeps free radicals from aging the body too quickly. One study showed berries even help improve memory.

Sept. 11
Forget Rice
Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is a super grain! The ancient grain, which is native to South America and was once considered the "gold" of the Inca tribe — has more protein than any other grain. It's a "complete protein," meaning it contains all the essential amino acids the body needs — similar to milk, but without fat or cholesterol. It tastes great cold, hot or room temperature, and can be sprinkled on salad, mixed with beans or substituted for rice with your favorite fish.
Sept. 9
Don't Think, Meditate
Studies suggest that meditating for 20 minutes twice a day can help lower high blood pressure. Here's an easy meditation technique to get you started: Close your eyes and concentrate on a picture, word or phase (mantra), or an object such as a candle flame and just simply be.

Sept. 8
No Wonder SpongeBob Lives in a Pineapple!
Pineapples are loaded with Bromelain, an enzyme that can ease indigestion and heart burn. Studies show it may also reduce inflammation of the body, which makes it easier for the immune system to fight heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Sept. 4
Remember this next time you skip stretching after a workout: As we age, our bodies naturally lose range of motion (ROM), making us more susceptible to injury and disability. When we stretch, we not only increase our ROM, but we also reduce stress, improve circulation, balance and coordination, reduce muscular tension and increase energy levels.

Sept. 3
Walk It Out
Did you know that walking a mile burns the same amount of calories as running a mile? Also, walking has the highest rate of compliance of any exercise, which means you're  more likely to stick to it than anything else. Studies show you can add 12  years to your life if you go on a walk three times a week.

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