Cameron Diaz Says No More Plastic Surgery

Cameron Diaz is no stranger to plastic surgery.

She had her nose fixed (after breaking it four times!) following a 2006 surfing accident. "S*** just finds my face — it's crazy!" she tells July's Marie Claire (on newsstands June 9).

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But the 36-year-old actress says more radical forms of surgery are likely out of the question. "I'd love a bigger butt, more meat on my bones," she tells the magazine. "I'd love to be more voluptuous. It's just not my body type." How does Diaz deal with always being the crush of attention?

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"I just have a lot of friends," Diaz explains of how she has adjusted to having a lot of fans. "That's how I think of it. It's nice to see people smile. "Every once in a while, you'll have those moments when people give you the stink eye," she says. "And you're like, 'What the f*** is your problem? What, am I horrific-looking?' But really what they're thinking is, 'Am I seeing who I think I'm seeing?' It's just a shock." Adds the actress (who headlines the drama, My Sister's Keeper, out June 26): "I don't have any problem with being famous. I've completely made peace with being recognizable and people wanting to peek into my life in some way."

Unlike the Mileys and the Britneys, Diaz, a former model, says she is thankful she had to struggle a bit before achieving fame.

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"I had the good fortune of becoming famous once I had already lived a life, traveled a lot, stood in line, had to ask people to help me, had to find a way to make something work, pay the rent, scrape by," she tells the magazine. "I used to do $4 a day with a girlfriend. We would get two tacos and split a Coke."

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