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Levi Johnston Criticized for Having “Hairy Armpits” in Playgirl

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Levi Johnston's much-anticipated Playgirl photos made their debut Saturday — and critics were split when asked by to weigh in on the 19-year-old's PG-13 poses.

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Chippendales dancer Nathan Minor (who has posed in more than 100 photo spreads, including the 2010 calendar):
"The only problem — his hairy armpits! We take only mostly shaved guys. He should also focus on his diet to help him get a bit harder. He doesn't have to go the fitness-y hard look, but he could tighten up a little bit. His body is a little soft. But he has good hair and a great face. He's definitely Chippendales material. Anytime he wants to do the show, he's more than welcome!"

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Playgirl writer Jamye Waxman:
"As a woman, I think the shots are tasteful, but of course, I would have loved to have seen it all! I think it's hard to get a 19-year-old to do 'sexy' and really get it. At 19, you know how to show off your still-tight body, but do you actually know how to use your sexuality? I feel like you really develop your sexual energy and attitude in your 20s and 30s, so Levi has a way to go before he's completely comfortable in his body. He doesn't have much chest hair, does he? I like a bit more chest hair."

Jim McBride, creator of
"I do appreciate the tan lines. That look takes me back to my secret Playboy collection from the '70s."

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David Leddick, author of Nude Male and Escort: 40 Profiles with Photographs of Men Who Sell Sex:
"My book Escort features guys who are selling their bodies. Levi has a nice body, but he's not in that league at all. He doesn't have what it takes to get $150 an hour. His best feature is his face. He has something in his face. Were I Levi, I'd want to be an actor for camera, not stage. I'd pursue a career in acting. If he's got the right management, he should try to act. He's not so different from Clark Gable, Gary Cooper — a lot of major stars who didn't come from a superior background. He's got something — you can go all the way with a great face."

Edward Norwick, general manager of New York City's Scores strip club:
"I've seen a lot of naked women, and I could see a woman in those poses with those facial looks. His expressions are a little effeminate. I would have approached it with a more macho image, not quite as sensitive. His head is turned coyly to the camera with doe eyes! I had hoped for his first shoot, it would be a little more rugged — a man's man. A little more like Burt Reynolds."

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David Todd, Men's Director, Nous Model Management:
"He's a great looking young man, but he definitely needs to slim down more if he wants to sign with a high-fashion agency. He’s got to get those cheekbones showing, he's got to get his body toned down. You have to be at least six feet [tall] or six-one for high-fashion [modeling]. Levi might go more towards commercial print, maybe endorsing a product, like Axe cologne or something like that, instead of doing a huge print campaign for Tom Ford."

Jon Barrett, editor-in- chief of The Advocate:
"He has such a lumberjack-like persona in clothes that I expected to see more of that — including the log — in the Playgirl pics. Instead, we see a Levi who's playing a coy game of peek-a-boo. This is certainly no 'northern exposure.'"

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