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The Next, Next Big Thing in Natural Wellness: High Potency CBD


Written in partnership with cbdMD

Back in 2019 when hemp was newly legal throughout the country, CBD became the Next Big Thing in the world of natural wellness products. And little wonder: when cannabis was still illegal in many states, a lot of people heard through the grapevine about the wonder substance that could impart so many benefits without intoxication and were eager to try it.

The only problem was that this pent-up demand made CBD pretty expensive. That meant that a lot of people settled for products with fairly low potencies, in the range of 5 mg to 10 mg a serving, because that was what they could afford. Some were happy with that, but many users didn’t feel much of anything, and had to decide whether to keep running up the budget with more CBD or give up on it entirely.

But now that the CBD market has matured, cbdMD is rolling out the Next, Next Big Thing in natural wellness: high potency CBD products. And the great news is, they don’t break the bank. For the amount of CBD you get, they can be even better value than your lower potency products!


Why You Should Try High Potency CBD

Even if you like your lower potency CBD products, you’ll like higher potency CBD even more. While there are still no official guidelines for how much CBD you should take for specific purposes, research on CBD that supports its many benefits have typically given their subjects much stronger doses than your average CBD serving – usually in the 200 mg to 600 mg range and sometimes even higher.

So, while there’s a lot of variation in individual response to CBD, if you’ve tried it and haven’t felt the results you want, you might just not be taking enough. The research using high doses of CBD also found little by way of side effects, so if you respond well to CBD then you’re unlikely to have a negative reaction to a larger amount of it.

But even if taking 200 mg a day is too much for you, getting a higher potency CBD product can still be worth your while. Why? Because you’ll get a better price per milligram, which means better value in the longer run.

For instance, suppose you get cbdMD’s 6000 mg CBD gummies for $90. Because a full serving is two gummies, you can take one gummy a day for 100 mg. Meanwhile, if you bought a competing brand’s 1500 mg gummies for $55, it would cost less up front, but you’d have to take two servings a day, meaning the cbdMD bottle will last you four times as long! So, you really do get more bang for your buck with higher potency CBD.


Get the Best Strength CBD Oil with Full Spectrum Products

You can also increase the potency of your CBD dosage at no extra cost by switching to full spectrum CBD oil products. cbdMD’s full spectrum CBD gummies, oils, and pills have just enough THC in them to enhance the CBD benefits, but not enough to get you high. These products are also now available in high potencies of CBD, but the added THC makes the good feelings even stronger.


You can also choose full spectrum gummies and pills enhanced with other natural ingredients like ashwagandha, melatonin, and Chinese skullcap specially chosen for calming, sleep, and joint pain. That way you can design the ideal CBD regimen that serves your daily needs at an affordable price.

So, with the new low-priced CBD products, now is a great time to up your wellness game by going high potency. Check it out at today!