How Brooklyn Decker Got Her Sports Illustrated Bod


Although Brooklyn Decker admits she was shocked to land her first-ever Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, she can't deny how hard she worked to get it.

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The 22-year-old model says "I would be lying if I said genes didn’t have a large part to do with my size and shape," but tells exclusively that "I have to really work at it."

Her fitness plan of choice?

"One of my 25-minute workouts," she tells Us, referring to her new video workout series, The Elle Make Better DVDs.

Decker does one of those customizable routines — which vary from yoga to cardio to sculpting — at least three times a week.

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"Yoga's probably the thing I held onto most because I noticed it really enhanced my other workouts because I work out like an athlete," she says. "I go for long runs or spin classes and I do weights, which I think a lot of women are scared of. I think it’s so important to do weights, because they don’t make you bigger, they make you more lean and toned and all that good stuff."

And when she can't fit in a full workout, she will "get in my little five-minute squat series just to tighten everything up."

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As for her diet, she focuses on "adding nutrients" instead of cutting out food.

"For breakfast, I usually have Greek yogurt and lots of berries or an egg-white omelet," she says.

For lunch and dinner, she opts for meat — usually chicken — and vegetables or salad with tuna. The rest of the day, she snacks on carrots and hummus and assorted nuts.

Still, the model — who doesn't believe in diet cleanses — slips up now and then.

Of her occasional candy craving, she tells Us, "I think that's okay as long as it's not every day and as long as it's a little bit!"

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