How to Get Motivated to Hit the Gym


Natalie Thomas, Us' deputy news editor, is hitting the gym with Buff Brides author Sue Fleming (Katie Holmes was a devotee prior to marrying Tom Cruise!) before saying "I Do" to her beau of three years, Zach Friedman, on May 30.

Six weeks… Six weeks is the amount of time I have left until I walk down the aisle. And while I'm worrying about a lot of things (the weather, my vows), my body is, finally, not one of them. I have never felt better! All of the hard work has paid off and I'm looking and feeling good. My energy level is higher, my skin's clearer and my clothes are looser. Could I still lose a few more pounds? Tone up more in certain areas? Sure. And maybe I'll get there and maybe I won't. But I'm secure and happy with where I am right now and, if nothing changes from now until then, I will still be a satisfied and fit bride! Stress-free? I'm still working on that part!

Even if you're not on a timeline (a.k.a planning your wedding or a tropical vacation where you'll have to slip into a bikini), Sue Fleming has five steps to help you become motivated to start a new health kick. Today's the day! No more excuses. Get moving, people!

1. Don't try to do too much at the start, don't expect your body to do something it can't, and don't wait until a week before your wedding (or your beach vacation) to start working out.

2. Make exercise a priority: planning a wedding is stressful, and there's no better release than exercise.

3. Create a basic home gym for when you just can't find the time to get to the gym. Don't have weights? Lift soup cans. Do jumping jacks.

4. An effective workout is a balanced workout: Include cardio and strength training, in addition to a proper nutrition plan.

5. Set realistic goals. You can't change your frame, but you can tone and sculpt your body.


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