How to Sculpt Sexy Arms Like Eva Longoria

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Now that tank-top weather is in full swing, it's time to tone those arms! Us Weekly and Gold's Gym partnered up for the 2nd Annual Hollywood's Hottest Bodies Awards, and Us readers voted Eva Longoria, 36, as the star with the most enviable arms, which she keeps in shape by doing yoga, cardio circuits, and strength training.

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To score sexy arms just like Longoria's, Us enlisted the help of Gold's Gym Celebrity Trainer Ramona Braganza, who has trained hot-bodied stars like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Zac Efron.

"When trying to get lean, toned arms, it's not just about training — you also need to fuel your body before and after a workout," says Braganza. "Never train on an empty stomach, because you wont have the energy you need to train hard. Eat within the hour after your workout to give your body the materials it needs to build shapely, sexy muscles."

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To maximize your worout and blast more calories, Braganza recommends doing three exercises right in a row. "It's called a Giant Set, and it's what I base my 321 Training Method on," she says.

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Choose three of the four exercises listed below, and do one set of each without taking a break in between. At the end of the first circuit, rest for 30 seconds. Complete the circuit 2-3 times through.

The move: Military Press 

Works: Shoulders 

Tip: "Besides your biceps and triceps, you need to work for defined detoids (shoulders), too," Braganza says. 

Instructions: Stand straight and hold a 5 to 8-lb dumbbell in each hand. Raise the dumbbells to shoulder level with elbows bent and palms facing forward. Press the weights up and toward each other as you straighten your arms, keeping just a slight bend in your elbows at the top. Slowly bring the weights down to the starting position at shoulder level.

Reps: 12-15 


The move: Dumbbell Punches 

Works: Shoulders, Core 

Tip: "To promote change, you need to shock your muscles," says Braganza. "This move is a fun way to add variety." 

Instructions: Grab a pair of 3 to 5-lb dumbbells and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Curl both weights up to your shoulders with your palms facing in. Extend your right arm out like you are punching someone directly in front of you. Then, as you bring your arm back in towards your body, extend your left arm out. For added intensity, twist at the waist as you punch.

Reps: 20 (one right, one left makes one rep!) 


The move: Bicep Curl 

Works: Biceps

Tip: "When training your biceps, focus on the lowering phase for maximum tension on the muscle, which promotes growth," says Brganza.

Instructions: Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms by your sides. Hold a 5 to 8-lb dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing out. Curl dumbbells up towards shoulders forcefully for 1 count (say: "one mississippi"), and then lower them slowly with control for 3 counts.

Reps: 12-15


The move: Lying Tricep Extensions

Works: Triceps

Tip: "When training the triceps, make sure you use enough resistance," says Braganza.

Instructions: Either on the floor or on top of a flat bench, lie on your back and hold a 5 to 8-lb dumbbell in each hand. Extend your arms overhead with your palms facing inwards. Lower the dumbbells by bending your elbows until dumbbells are to the sides of your head. Slowly extend your arms back to their original position.

Reps: 12-15

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