How Carrie Underwood Got Her Hot Bod

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She may be tiny, but Carrie Underwood is one strong and toned woman — just check out the legs on the cover of her new album, Blown Away!

Since leaving American Idol almost eight years ago, Underwood, 28, has transformed herself through a healthy diet and regular fitness routine. Learn more about what the vegan star eats and the exercises that get her through the day!

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She Stays on Track
When touring, the singer travels with her own fridge stocked to the brim with healthy items; this helps her avoid dining out or relying on all that catered food. Her go-to breakfast on the road? Fiber-rich oatmeal! She also brings a stash of healthy snacks whenever she goes home to Checotah, OK. She told Us Weekly, "I have to…or I'll starve. Fitness is not a lifestyle [there]."
Since it's not always possible to travel with your own healthy fridge, here are tips on eating healthy when at a restaurant.

She Follows a Vegan Diet
While being being vegan doesn't automatically equal healthy, Underwood makes sure to choose wisely when it comes to what she eats. The longtime vegetarian went vegan last year, cutting dairy from her diet. When it comes to the kinds of foods she eats, the singer is all about making healthy choices – for her, it's a lifestyle and not a diet. She stays away from foods high in sugar and also steers clear of making her meals too carb-heavy. Instead, she sticks to fresh veggies, beans, and vegan-friendly meat alternatives like soy sausage.

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She Tracks What She Eats
Since appearing on American Idol eight years ago, the star's 5-foot-3-inch, 130-pound frame changed, going from a size six to a toned size two, with a total weight loss of almost 20 pounds. Part of what helped her lose the weight was tracking her calorie consumption by keeping a regular food journal.
If you're trying to lose weight like she did, download the FitSugar printable food journal here.

She's a Fan of Cardio
It's not all about watching her food intake; the Country crooner also makes sure to get in a healthy dose of cardio, hitting the gym for at least 30 minutes, four to six times a week to either do a stint on the treadmill or stationary bike. Carrie told Women's Health that she tries to get her workout over in the morning since her afternoon is usually packed.

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She's Not Afraid to Lift
You don't get a toned body like hers without strength training. She works with trainer Erin Oprea, incorporating basic moves like push-ups, crunches, and squats into her routine. She's also not afraid of kettlebells and has said in an interview, "There's just something sexy about feeling strong."
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