Kylie Minogue Calls Life After Cancer “the New Normal”


Kylie Minogue has been a massive worldwide pop superstar for over 20 years, but she's still most known in the U.S. for her 2001 smash, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head." "It's not funny when your people say "na, na, na. na, na, na, na, na," the singer, who just turned 42 in May, quipped to when I sat down with her for a one-on-one interview in her luxe suite at NYC's Mandarin Oriental Hotel a few weeks ago. "I go, 'Actually, it's "la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!"

Brimming with a surplus of cheeky humor, the "Aussie Madonna" also opened up about her new 11th studio album, Aphrodite (out now), hitting her five-year mark for being in remission from breast cancer and thoughts on walking down the aisle with her Spanish model boyfriend of two years, Andres Velencoso Segura, 32. Read on for the full details not available in her Us Weekly magazine interview, also on stands now! Aphrodite is classic Kylie. Is that how you would describe it?

Kylie Minogue: Yeah, it's pretty classic. It's the reduction of what I think I do best, or what I excel at, and what people like to hear from me. There's a lot of euphoria to it, rushes and feelings.

Us: How are you as an artist, and as a brand, affected by the way the music industry has gone in recent years?

KM: [Music producer] Stuart Price and I were just in our own little bubble, really. We chose the best songs and then refined them for this new album. I am on my own path, which is great, so I don't feel like there's going to be comparisons to the artists that you're more familiar with here.

Us: You look great in your new video. Do you have a specific workout or a diet routine?

KM: I work out very sporadically. I see [people like] Madonna and Gwyneth [Paltrow] and I just go, wow! First, I don't know how [they] find the time, and second, that's dedication. I don't have that in me. My boyfriend likes to go to the gym. He's always asking me to go, but I always tell him I have other things [to do].

Us: So you're happy in love again? What are your plans for marriage and having children?

KM: I'm in a great place right now. I felt very comfortable. No plans, no ring, none of that, ever since I was first in the public eye, the same stories have been re-hashed and they just keep going because I've never been married. The latest was saying that Andreas and I had broken up so we're like, you were saying two days ago that we were going to get married so I don't know where you're coming from. We're all good, I've twittered, I let everyone know. As for marriage, I’m not one of those girls who had my heart set on wearing the dress and walking down the aisle, but it will be nice, yeah!

Us: How are you feeling after going into remission for breast cancer five years ago?

KM: Mostly good. Some days I don't think about it at all and other days I'm reminded of physically what I've been through. Life certainly changed but one thing that I latched on to while I was going through my treatment and hoping that everything would turn out OK, was a book, the name of which I forget, but someone said "Life doesn't go back to normal, it's a new normal," and that’s really stuck with me. No, you're not going to be back to how you were before; you're just not, for all sorts of reasons. But it's a new normal and you've just got to get used to it and get on with it, which is what I've done ever since.

Us: Being so busy these days, do you have plans to slow down?

KM: We all have those moments where you just kind of find yourself staring at nothing, just wondering, [saying] "Stop the world, can I get off for a minute?!" You just need a moment. But then I take that moment, and I'm desperate to get back on again, so it's just a constant balancing act. [With my new album] I've got something that I'm so proud of and it makes it a little bit easier, talking about it, sharing it, and selling it.

Us: Going back to Madonna for a minute, she has given you props before. Are you guys friends?

KM: We have mutual friends and I'll get a message — "Madonna says hi" — or I'll send one to her, but we haven't really connected. I'm sure that will happen one day just randomly. I've got the utmost respect and admiration for her, she's a legend. So to be in the same kind of stratosphere as her is amazing. I mean, I was there with my white scrubs on [at her concert] when I was 14!

Us: Madonna had a Glee episode dedicated to her. Would you want a Kylie Glee episode?

KM: (Laughing) Yeah. Of course!

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