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NY Yankee Nick Swisher: How My Mustache Saves Lives

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When Nick Swisher began growing a mustache on November 1, his fiance Joanna Garcia wasn't initially a fan of his new look.

"She was a little hesitant at first," the New York Yankees right fielder tells

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Swisher, 30, serves as captain of the Art of Shaving Movember Team, which asks men to grow a mustache to raise awareness and funds for men's prostate cancer research.

"All my buddies are like, 'Swish, why are you growing that mustache?'" Swisher says of his teammates. "I'm like, 'You guys don't know about Movember?'"

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So what made the pro baseball player — who will be exchanging vows with Garcia in December — so passionate about lending his name to the cause?

"As a professional athlete, you have an obligation and duty to do a lot of things. You're put on a pedestal and you can reach a lot of people," Swisher explains. "When I leave this earth, I want people to say good things about me, so I'm doing my best to raise all the awareness I can."

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Because of that, Swisher's bride-to-be, 31, eventually came to love her beau's new look — for the time being, at least.

"Now that I've got her all clued in on what we're doing, she couldn't be happier for me," Swisher tells Us. "She said as long as I don't have it when we get married, we're good to go."

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