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OC Housewife Vicki Gunvalson: I Still Live With My Ex Donn

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From "Woo-hoo!" to "Whaa?"

Devoted Real Housewives of Orange County fans weren't exactly shocked when veteran star Vicki Gunvalson filed for divorce from husband Donn last October, after much onscreen tension between the pair.

A bit more shocking: Today, nearly five months after that split announcement, the estranged spouses, who wed in 1994, remain under one roof.

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"We're still living together," Vicki, 48, told on Friday.

But the Bravo star and insurance executive was quick to clarify that a reconciliation isn't a possibility. "We're [mediating] our divorce," she told Us. "We still have our finances co-mingled [and] joint accounts."

And, she added, they lead completely separate lives, and that Donn plans to move out within the next few months. "We don't know where each other are, ever. He's always going to be in my life."

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Isn't that a little awkward? "It's very hard — but the reality is, he's not fighting for me, he's not saying, 'Babe I want you back.' He's saying 'Babe, I wish you well.'"

What went wrong?

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"My love tank has truly been empty for many many years," Gunvalson said. "We stopped communicating. My happiness came from my work and my children," she explained of Michael and Brianna, her grown kids from her first marriage.

"I didn't go to Donn for friendship or companionship, and he didn't with me either."

Things came to a head late last summer, when the couple didn't speak or see one another for six weeks. Finally, during a blowout family argument back at home, Vicki handed him a letter she'd written weeks before. "I said, 'Here, I want a divorce…I'm done.' It was the hardest day of my life."

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But the couple remain on cordial terms. Before Vicki headed out to NYC for promotional duties, Vicki noted, "He said 'Break a leg, I love you, hope you're safe in New York.'"

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