Rep: Drug Test Shows Linda Hogan “Is Clean”

After Hulk Hogan and daughter Brooke both accused his ex-wife Linda of doing drugs, she decided to prove them both wrong.

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"Linda Hogan responded to Hulk and Brooke Hogan's public drug test challenge by going to a medical Doctor and actually submitted to a full drug screening," her rep, Gary Smith, said in a statement to Wednesday. He added: "After hearing of the malicious allegations, Linda immediately made arrangements to take the test first thing Monday, which was analyzed at LapCorp labs in Florida." How did Linda — whose daughter told celeb blogger Perez Hilton that people "have told" her that her mother does drugs — fare with the test?

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"Linda Hogan is clean, clean, clean," Smith said. "She tested negative for everything including Amphetamine (speed), Cannabinoid (marijuana), Cocaine (coke), Opiates (vicodin, morphine, heroin) and Phencyclidine(PCP)." Still, in the in the new issue of Us Weekly (on newsstands now), Brooke says that although she hasn't witnessed her mother using, she believes she does. "I have heard from a lot of close friends — I mean, a lot of people — that she does," the star, 20, told Us. "She has completely changed. She was always hard on me about being a good girl. For her to be so tough on me and then be this crazy-ass wild child… I just don't know who she ever really was." In the statement to from Smith, he added: "Linda also had a full medical exam. According to the doctors who examined her, she has even had gains in bone density and muscle mass since her last physical, which indicates a healthy lifestyle. This further disproves Hulk's and Brooke's unfounded and hurtfull allegations. Linda's drug screening shows she has no trace of any drugs in her system, legal or illegal, that includes prescription medication. Linda does not do drugs and never accused her daughter of doing drugs either.

Hulk is the expert on drug use. He admits in his Rolling Stone article last month about his 30 years of abusing cocaine, marijuana and pills. Now that the truth is in black and white, all Linda wants is an apology from both of them. "This has been a very vindictive and hurtful attempt to discredit Linda. She has opened her private medical records to disprove Brooke and Hulk's horrendous, unsupported allegations. She asks the public respect her privacy on this matter so she may begin to repair her relationship with her daughter."

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But after Linda — through her rep — called her daughter a liar, Brooke told Us that she isn't sure if she will be able to reconcile their relationship. "I actually dialed her phone… but she didn't answer," Brooke said. "I love her no matter what. I'll forgive her and I'll pray for her, but I don't think I can be around her anymore. Ever. She may as well have disowned me. She did in my heart."

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