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30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan Drops 10 Pounds With NutriSystem, Pilates

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Tracy Morgan has beat the battle of the bulge.

"I use NutriSystem," the 30 Rock star, 41, told at the Friars Foundation to Honor Motown Legend Smokey Robinson event in NYC Tuesday night. "The most weight I lost was 10 pounds in two weeks."

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His diet entails "whatever I can eat" on NutriSystem, which is also favored by Tori Spelling, Marie Osmond and Boy Meet's World Danielle Fishel. "Corn Flakes, Cheerios, Rasin Brand, they have nutrition bars that are delicious," he says. "I have them in my house."

"I have to cook my entrees," continues Morgan. "I cheat sometimes, but I try not to."

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Indulgences include "hot dogs and cheeseburgers," he admits.

The actor also does Pilates, and even hit the red carpet just two hours after leaving the gym.

"My workout person has been with me for a year, since Cop Out," Morgan says, of his trainer, Colleen O'Brien. "We do kick boxing and other stuff too. She's tough on me, but at the same time, she loves me and she doesn't treat me bad in the gym. She's really aware of my diabetes and all those conditions. She's also my nutritionist."

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He decided to slim down for health reasons.

"I'm not obese or anything, but I wanted to come down off the weight and lower my blood pressure," he explains. "And I'm diabetic — it's great for that."

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