True Blood Star: I’ll Always “Be Hungry” as Long as I’m an Actress

 Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The skinny on being an actress: You're always hungry.

So says actress Kristin Bauer, who plays the sexy vampire Pam on HBO's hit series True Blood.

In a new Movieline interview, she reveals that the entire cast diets and yes, there is a pressure to be thin in Hollywood.

"The other day I realized as long as I'm in this business, I'm going to be hungry," says Bauer, 36. "The camera really does add 10 pounds. I'm trying to stay under the weight I want to look like on TV. It's a good incentive to stay slim and is probably adding years to my life… I'm vegetarian, so I live on carbs, but it's always an effort. After any wardrobe fitting, I hit the gym three times more than the week before."

She recalls one wardrobe fitting earlier this season when she learned she'd have to slip into a latex dress.

"I knew I would have my midriff showing," she says. "I thought, 'I need to get serious' and started going to ab classes more regularly."

Fighting food temptations isn't easy, especially when she sees the craft services table, which is loaded with carbs. See the top 10 junk food substitutes.

"All the women walk by craft services and keep going," she says. "I don't even know why we walk by, we're just torturing ourselves. Alex [Skarsgard] and Joe [Manganiello], they're trying to add size, but we're all working out like crazy and have diets. Skarsgard seems to be the only one that works out a lot and eats a lot and does fine."

True Blood's Anna Paquin also recently opened up about sticking to a strict diet.

"I don't want to be one of those actresses who says, 'I eat cheeseburgers all the time,' I don't!" she told the July issue of Self. "I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables."

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