Wedding Day Diet Plan

 Sharon Ellman

Natalie Thomas, Us' deputy news editor, is hitting the gym with Buff Brides author Sue Fleming (Katie Holmes was a devotee prior to marrying Tom Cruise!) before saying "I Do" to her beau of three years, Zach Friedman, on May 30. Check her weekly blog — with step-by-step workout plans, diet details and photos — on every Thursday.

May 30th is quickly approaching and while I've been busy selecting the perfect flowers and deliberating over the menu, there's one thing I've neglected: my body! All of the stress eating (and drinking!) has caught up to me and at the end of the day, I'm too tired to hit the gym. And, unfortunately for me, I didn't choose a big ball gown I can hide under. No, I'm the brainiac who selected a form-fitting gown! There's work to be done!

So when my fellow editors at Us approached me about doing this blog, I was excited! Free training before my big day? Score! Then reality set in. I represent the pig in guinea pig. Not only are my lazy ways about to be held accountable but my starting weight and measurements are about to be posted for everyone to see. How many people read this little site? Oh, only millions. No big deal.

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I hail from Pennsylvania. I grew up on pot pie, perogies and potatoes. I ate cheese crumb buns (God those were good!) for breakfast and pasta casseroles for dinner. And the only representation of fitness in the house was my mom's dusty copy of Jane Fonda’s Workout under the stacks of video games. I honestly didn’t know about a calorie until after college. (Don't judge me!)

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Since then, I've come to learn about complex carbs and how to do a proper squat, but that doesn't mean I enjoy either. It's a constant daily struggle for me. I think, on most days, I strike a fair balance of indulgence and moderation. My saddle bags and thighs would disagree. And so, it's time to drop the donuts and pick up the dumbbells.

To be clear, this is not The Biggest Loser or Extreme Makeover. I’ve never been a big girl and I’m not looking to drop tons of weight. I live in New York City and get a fair amount of natural exercise just walking to and from work, but I've always carried those 5 to 10 stubborn extra pounds like most women. My goal is to drop those additional pounds and to tone up so that I look, and more importantly, feel fabulous on my wedding day.

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Whether your goal is to look fab in your own wedding gown, shape up in time for bikini season or simply feel better, I hope you will join me in putting down the remote and getting buff!

**Check back next Thursday for Sue and Natalie's first workout.

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