7 Celeb-Inspired Mom Tips to Beat the Morning Mania


From the sound of the alarm (or a baby crying) until the car doors shut, the morning can be the most hectic – and trying – time for moms. To help cope with the crazy, follow these celeb-inspired tips from Us Weekly editors.

Tag-Team Lunch the Night Before

Encourage the entire family to lend a hand when it’s time to pack tomorrow’s lunch. Make a lunch assembly line right on the counter to make the process both fun and speedy.

OOTD Prep Before Bed

Tackle the morning’s outfit struggle by thinking ahead. Encourage your little ones to lay their outfits – including shoes and accessories — out before bedtime.

Quick and Wholesome Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important parts of the day, but that doesn’t mean you need to whip out pots and pans amidst morning chaos. Satisfy your crew with quick and delicious options like Real Medleys SuperGrain Oatmeal+ or Real Medleys Granola.

Pre-pack the Backpack

There’s nothing worse than having one foot out the door when a wailing voice remembers that crumpled permission slip from a week ago. Avoid morning delays by loading up backpacks in advance. Photo for the class project? Overdue library books? Money for the bake sale? Check, check, check.

Cut the Cord

Nothing can derail an efficient morning like a favorite show on the TV just when it’s time to head out the door. Try unplugging your mornings and subbing in family time at breakfast instead.

Embrace the Alarm Clock

Put wake-up time in the hands of the little ones – literally. Let kids pick out their own alarm clock, or decorate lackluster versions with stickers, glitter, and their names. Even if they discover the power of the snooze button, Mom’ll still be there as a backup.

Get a Head Start

As painful as it is to lose even a minute of sleep on a hectic weekday, waking up just 15 minutes earlier can go a long way for moms on the go. It’s much easier to get your brood out the door in a good mood if you’ve had a few precious minutes to yourself. 

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