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Christina Applegate’s Top Rules for Vacationing With Kids and Avoiding Griswold Family Disaster

christina applegate
Gotta get away? Christina Applegate told Us Weekly how she makes the most of family vacations with 4-year-old daughter Sadie

Take it from an expert! As the star of this year's Vacation reboot and a real-life mom to 4-year-old Sadie, Christina Applegate knows all about the ups and downs of family getaways. Over the summer, in honor of Vacation's release, the Married With Children alum told Us Weekly her top tips for traveling with kids. (Vacation is available now on iTunes, and on DVD/Blu-ray on Nov. 3.)

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1. Hit the Pavement

"Growing up, my mom and I would go to Manhattan and that was the best thing for me in the world. Sadie loves it. We don't take cabs — we ride the subway and walk everywhere. I want her to know what the real place is…even the stinky parts."

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2. Make Fun Memories

"The only road trip I ever went on was when I was 7. My mom took me to Tijuana [Mexico, from Los Angeles] and we sang this really weird Carmen Miranda song [from A Date With Judy] the whole ride down there. That's all I remember from the trip!" 

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3. Outsource Everything

"My favorite vacation is where I can just lie down and have people bring me things. My husband [musician Martyn LeNoble] always says, 'Let's rent a house!' I'm like, 'That requires cooking our food and cleaning dishes, man! Let's get a villa with a staff and just lie there.' He says, 'We'll be poor really soon.'" 

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4. Fly in Reinforcements

"There's my daughter, my stepdaughter, her boyfriend, my husband, and myself. And so that I can lie down, I do bring a nanny. Because I need to lie down!"

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