Dad Turns Baby Into Elf on the Shelf Doll: See the Adorable Pictures!

Rockwell Courtesy of Alan Lawrence/Instagram

Hide the china! For the second year in a row, Alan Lawrence, who runs That Dad Blog, has transformed his 15-month-old son Rockwell into a real-life (and very mischievous!) Elf on the Shelf.

“It’s been a little more difficult now that Rockwell can walk,” the 40-year-old art director tells Us Weekly. “The window for the shot is a lot smaller. And if there isn’t candy or sweets involved, he usually makes a run for it.”

Another issue: The toddler isn’t a fan of the pointy red hat he happily rocked as an infant in 2015. “My wife and I wait until the last minute to put it on his head,” says Lawrence. “Then we snap the picture fast.” Off camera, Rockwell’s siblings, Gracie, 14, Zac, 12, Nik, 9, Ali, 8, and Wil, 3, are clapping and cheering him on!

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In this year’s batch of holiday hijinks, which Lawrence posts to Facebook and Instagram, Rock the Elf is seen tying Zac up in Christmas lights, flying on a jet pack and scarfing down all of the Advent calendar chocolates. Lawrence’s favorite image so far shows Rockwell replacing toothpaste with Reddi-wip.

“As soon as I put a dab of whipped cream in his mouth, that was the shot,” says Lawrence. “That’s when he got that devious look on his face like, ‘I got what I wanted.’”

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Lawrence will continue sharing pictures every week leading up to Christmas. “Rockwell’s brothers and sisters all come up with different ideas,” he says. “But their ideas are usually pretty crazy involving fire!”

Elf on the Shelf is based on a 2004 children’s tale, telling the story of elves sent by Santa Claus to report back on the behavior of children across the country. The bestselling book comes with an elf puppet that parents place in different (and often elaborate!) locations in the house to spy on their little ones!

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