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Five Tips to Ease Morning Sickness That You Haven’t Heard Before

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Not fun. That’s how new mom Ali Fedotowsky described her first trimester of pregnancy. “I was sick all the time,” the season 6 Bachelorette star wrote on her blog, Ali Luvs. “I only ate clementines and dry toast for about a month between weeks 7-12. I remember breaking down in tears once because all I wanted was to want a pizza.”

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And she’s not alone. Kelly Clarkson and Kim Kardashian both suffered from morning sickness when they were expecting. Are you in the same boat? Miriam Erick, author of Managing Morning Sickness, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting author Heidi Murkoff give Us Weekly their top tips for managing pregnancy nausea.  

Sniff a Natural Scent When a woman is pregnant, her sense of smell goes into overdrive. Erick recommends carrying a sprig of rosemary or a bottle of lemon extract. Says the senior dietitian at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston: “This will block the bad odor and give you a little bit of relief.” 

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Stay Hydrated Drinking eight ounces of water can seem impossible when it makes you feel like throwing up. So Erick advises her patients to trick their bodies into wanting fluids by eating solid, salty foods such as cheese curls and potato chips. “Even though you want to try to pick the most nutritious food, sometimes that just doesn’t work,” the Take Two Crackers and Call Me in the Morning! author tells Us. “Salty things settle the stomach and make you thirsty.” 

Kelly Clarkson attends Citizen Watch Company's New York Corporate Offices Grand Opening on November 3, 2015 in NYC.
Kelly Clarkson attends Citizen Watch Company’s New York Corporate Offices Grand Opening on November 3, 2015, in NYC. Rob Kim/Getty Images

Chill Out Murkoff, the creator of, says to reach for icy snacks, which are known to soothe nausea. “Tastes aren’t as in-your-face when foods are cold, plus they don’t have as strong a smell,” says the pregnancy guru. Try chilled watermelon. The fruit “is more than 90 percent water, helping Mom stay hydrated even when she’s not in the mood to sip water, plus it contains a variety of key nutrients,” Murkoff says.

Don’t Go to Sleep Hungry “A snack before bedtime will help keep your blood sugar elevated during the night, minimizing morning sickness but also helping you sleep better,” explains Murkoff. According to the pro, the best nibble is one that combines protein and complex carbs, such as almonds and freeze-dried fruits.

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And Don’t Rule Out Medication If nothing seems to provide relief, check in with your doctor or midwife. “There is a drug called Diclegis that eases nausea and vomiting for many moms,” Murkoff tells Us. “It’s available only by prescription, but it’s considered very safe, as long as it’s taken as directed. Unfortunately, most moms don’t know that it’s an option, or write off all meds as unsafe during pregnancy.”  

The fifth edition of What to Expect When You’re Expecting was released in May.


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