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Jessa Duggar Shows Amazing Active Baby Bump in Instagram Video

Jessa Duggar shared a video of her moving baby bump
Jessa Duggar shared a video of her moving baby bump

Someone's getting ready to come out! Jessa Duggar shared some amazing footage of her soon-to-be-born baby wriggling around inside her belly on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

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The 22-year-old reality TV star took the footage, which shows her baby moving around inside her bump, while she sat relaxing at home, wearing a gray T-shirt and fawn skirt.

"So weird and yet amazing to see my baby move like this!" the excited mom-to-be captioned the video which she shared via Instagram late on Tuesday. "Finally managed to capture one of those super active moments! Lol! I know, I'm a bit obsessed…but this Mama is absolutely fascinated!," she added. "Here's what the #BabyBump looks like from my perspective. #BabySeewald."

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Duggar and husband Ben Seewald, 20, are counting down the days until their first child is born. The 19 Kids and Counting star shared a photo of her ever-growing belly a week ago, at 34 weeks and 2 days, and the happy couple have revealed that their baby is due on their wedding anniversary in a month's time, on Thursday, Nov. 1.

But while they've been happy to reveal many details of their pregnancy, the excited pair have not revealed whether they're expecting a boy or a girl, and are encouraging fans to take a bet on their little one's sex via their website. And although Duggar refers to her baby in the singular in this latest Instagram post, the website voting options don't rule out the possibility that there are two little baby Seewalds inside Duggar's ever-growing belly.

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Along with a boy and a girl option, there are also twin boys, twin girls and twins (one of each) to choose between.

But whatever the baby (or babies) turn out to be, one thing’s for sure: Duggar’s going to have her hands full! Watch the video above to see the little wriggler in action.

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