Korie Robertson’s Advice to Moms for Raising “Strong and Kind” Kids

Korie Robertson
Korie Robertson shares her tips for raising "strong and kind" kids  Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Korie Robertson's approach to parenting is simple. "If we raise kids who are kind, the world would be a much better place!" the Duck Dynasty star says. In fact, that's the basis for her new book, Strong and Kind. The Louisiana native, 42 — mom to John Luke, 20, Sadie, 18, and Willie Jr. and Bella, both 13 — tells Us Weekly her advice for other mothers.

1. Create an Open Dialogue

"Social media can be brutal for kids. We talk a lot about not worrying about what other people think. The only thing that's important is what people who know you and love you think, and what God thinks about you."

2. Lead by Example

"I think part of it is being confident yourself, and that's really hard. I talk about it in the book, there's one little thing where I say, 'I don't normally tell anybody to fake anything, but if you don't feel confident in yourself, at least act like it in front of your kids.' Because your kids do not need to hear you complain about your weight or the fact that someone down the street has something better than you or got a job promotion or whatever . . . If you want your kids to be confident, you have to be that."

3. Focus on What's Important

"I feel like there are so many things as parents that can overwhelm you. Like what school to send your kids to and which type of diapers to use and whether to let them have a pacifier or formula or breastfeed and all these things that seem like the biggest deal in the world, when actually it's the values that you're putting into your children that are the big deal. That's what's gonna help them be adults that are successful in this world and that can make a difference for others."

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