This Mom’s Rant About Public Diaper Blowouts Is Comedy Gold: ‘Everyone Can Smell That’

Courtesy of Tara Wood

Many may consider Target the second happiest place on earth, but Tara Wood, a mother of seven from Georgia, couldn’t get out fast enough during a recent trip her local store. The reason: a baby boy, who looked to be about 4-months-old, had done a No. 2, and his mom was stalling on the cleanup.

Once Wood was breathing easily in the parking lot, she filmed a hilarious PSA for parents of young kids and shared it to her Facebook page earlier this month.

“If you are in public with your baby who has obviously had catastrophic diarrhea and has this horrific odor around him that has, like, weight and mass and there’s green fog circulating around him and he smells like he just s—t out a dead man, everyone else can smell that too,” she explained in the video.

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The freelance writer then imitated caretakers who ask infants questions knowing they won’t receive a response. “So when you say, ‘Oh, Jameson are you poopie?’ Ummm, yeah. Jameson is not going to answer you. But I will,” she quipped. “And that’s why after the third time this lady today at Target asked Jameson . . . if he had a poopie, I said, ‘I’d like to confirm that Jameson does have a poop and there’s a family restroom at the front of Target and you should probably take him there to change him.’”

Courtesy of Tara Wood

Wood signed off with some solid advice. “Nobody wants to hang out and shop the clearance section with you when you’ve got a baby that smells like it just s—t out 15 hard-boiled eggs,” she said. “If you smell your baby’s poop, other people smell your baby’s poop. Do your baby a favor, do your co-shoppers a favor and go change that poop!”

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Her car confessional has received hundreds of comments. “I like when they hoist them up and make a show of smelling it like they need confirmation,” wrote one person. Added another: “I don’t understand why they tote around the big ole diaper bag, if they really don’t want to use it.”

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