Mom Gets Real About the First Year of Motherhood in Viral Facebook Post 

Everybody needs a mommy friend like Gylisa Jayne. The Cornwall, England-based blogger, 24, recently penned a brutally honest Facebook post about the first year of motherhood. Hint: It’s not all snuggles and sunshine.

“I think it is beyond important for women to be more open about how they felt after giving birth,” the mom of Lily, 17 months, tells Us Weekly. “It would put a stop to an endless cycle of women putting on a brave face and hiding that they are struggling.”

The list, published on December 14, has been shared nearly 70,000 times and received more than 26,000 comments. 

Read five highlights below, and see Jayne’s full post here.

Gylisa Jayne and Lily
Gylisa Jayne and Lily Courtesy of Gylisa Jayne

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No one told me that stitches in your vag can actually hurt way more than birthing a 7lb. baby.

No one told me that pregnancy side effects last for ages … so essentially you are pregnant for, like, two years. Like an elephant. Which is how fat you feel now.

No one told me that having a baby might make me hate my husband sometimes … But also, no one told me that seeing him playing/cuddling/looking after our baby would make me want to pop with happiness. And then cross my legs before he suggested another.

No one told me that I would really, honestly NEVER be alone again. This includes s—-ing, showering and shaving. Especially when they get older and find your shaving your [bikini line] acutely interesting and you pray it doesn’t scar them for life … 

No one told me that … once you get used to not being alone — you miss them when they nap because are so cute. So cute … Oh god are her eyes opening? Escape. Escape now!

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Jayne tells Us that the biggest shock, for her, was not bonding with her daughter straight away. “It took a week or two,” she says. “But I didn’t know that that was normal. Only a percentage of women do feel that rush of love that is so often talked about.” Now she doesn’t know what she would do without her little “shadow.”

Ryan, Gylisa, and Lily
Ryan, Gylisa and Lily Courtesy of Gylisa Jayne

“There is nowhere my toddler doesn’t follow me,” Jayne tells Us. “Literally, where I am, she is. Even if I am out at the shop and she’s at home with her dad, I found myself stepping carefully so I don’t stand on her!”

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