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Mom With Terminal Cancer Writes Powerful Letter to Her Sons: ‘There Are Some Things I Want You to Hear From Me’

Sara Chivers Family
Sara Chivers with her family Tess Follett

Sara Chivers’ world came crashing down in March when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. “My worst fears were realized: inoperable, incurable, terminal,” the Australia-based mom told Babble on Monday, November 6. But it was about to get even worse. Four weeks ago, Chivers and her husband, Leigh, received more devastating news: their 18-month-old son Alfie also had inoperable brain cancer — a situation doctors say is as rare as lightening striking twice.  

“It’s just devastation and a lot of grief,” Chivers, 34, told The 7.30 Report on Wednesday, November 2. “But also wanting to make the most of the time that we have left.” 

Chivers, who is hopeful that Alfie will beat the terrible disease, penned a gut-wrenching letter to the little boy and his brother, Hugh, 3, to help guide them after she is gone. 

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“I won’t be around to see you grow up. It’s a hard thing to say and even harder to face,” Chivers began in the note that was published in The New Daily on November 1. “You will have to hear from others the little things that made me me: my perfume of choice is Michael Kors, my favorite meal is spaghetti bolognese, winter is my preferred season. I was I was a better cook. I’m a a keeper of moments — tiny hospital name tags, the poem Leigh wrote for my 21st birthday, first baby clothes.”

Though Chivers is confident Leigh will keep her memory alive, “there are some things I want you to hear from me,” she noted. 

Sara Chivers Sons
Sara Chivers with her sons Tess Follett

“Don’t be afraid of expressing your emotions. I will never tire of hearing ‘I love you’ from Leigh, you boys, my family, friends,” she wrote. “Love hard. As they say, it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. That’s how i feel about you both. Heartbroken doesn’t come close to describing the pain I feel at not being your lives in the future, but I would never change or forego the time we have spent together and the immense joy you have brought me. You are without a doubt my proudest accomplishments.”

Chivers also offered words of wisdom about school, friendship and table manners: “Make your bed when you stay at other people’s houses and always offer to clear their table and do the dishes.”

And she encouraged them to look after their father. “It won’t be easy for him raising you alone . . . Don’t let him doubt himself or the wonderful job he will do shaping you into the men I dream of you growing up to be,” Chivers shared. “There will come a time when he wants to find happiness again with a new partner. Accept and embrace his choice, and know she will be a  positive female influence in your lives too. I have absolute faith that he will make the right decision for him and you both.”

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The love letter ended: “I will be forever grateful for the time we spent together, the memories we created, the love we shared. It was always him. Always will be.”

Sara Chivers Family
Sara Chivers with her family Tess Follett

According to the 7:30 Report, Alfie has had three operations to remove as much of the tumor as possible. Chivers is currently in rehab and has some increased mobility. She is putting all her energy into Alfie. “Because the mortality rates for children aren’t great,” she told the paper. “And I won’t let him be a statistic.”

A family member has set up a GoFundMe to help with the family’s medical expenses.

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