New Mom Pens Brutally Honest Facebook Post About Parenthood: ‘I Decided to be Brave’

Storm-Manea Ellyatt
Storm-Manea Ellyatt Courtesy Storm-Manea Ellyatt/Instagram

New mom Storm-Manea Ellyatt was having a bad day. Her teething 5-month-old son, Kaiser Lee, wouldn’t stop crying. Not even for one second. “I was having the mother of all meltdowns,” the Perth, Australia–based customer-service supervisor tells Us Weekly

So Ellyatt says she “decided to be brave” and penned a brutally honest Facebook post on Thursday, June 16, in hopes of connecting with other mothers who are going through the same thing. “I wrote it in a cafe while I was eating a cheesecake and crying into my laptop,” Ellyatt tells Us.

She addressed her open letter to the “#nojudgementclub.”

“All those cute Bonds [Australian kids clothing company] ads, miniature Nike shoes, adorable baby shower gifts, baby spam on Instagram, squad dates with your mum posse and those god damn Lacey Laners [Australian kids clothing company] lied to me,” Ellyatt wrote. “Not once did I see an ad with a mum locked in her cupboard crying in her leaked stained pjs from 3 days ago, covered in sweat and vomit, praying to every god unimaginable for the strength and patience to go back to the s – – t show that is now your life.”

Storm-Manea Ellyatt
Storm-Manea Ellyatt Courtesy Storm-Manea Ellyatt/Facebook

The 25-year-old continued: “The once calm, poised patient goddess, who could sling cocktails, swear with sailors and dance uninhibited until tomorrow afternoon, can [barely] hold a conversation, hold her eyes open or [hold] the tears back from this new found ‘bliss.’”

Ellyatt admitted she is guilty of curating the perfect life on social media. “You cliche the f — k out of your status because your hashtag loving it, hashtag mumlife, hashtag soblessed and when people ask you, you say with all the vigor of 2 hours sleep, ‘It’s honestly the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me,’” she wrote. “And when there’s no cameras, no people and no judgement you let out the loudest FUUU — K YOUUUUUU known to man, although it’s under your breath, or screamed into a pillow or yelled from the fetal position of your cupboard because your little one’s finally asleep.”

Storm-Manea Ellyatt
Storm-Manea Ellyatt Courtesy Storm-Manea Ellyatt/Instagram

The exhausted mom tells Us she feels better since venting and has been inundated with messages of support. “I feel like I found my tribe,” she says. “It takes a village and I’m just blessed that mine stepped out of the woodwork.” 

And Ellyatt wants to make it clear that she loves Kaiser-Lee very much. “I am very blessed,” she gushes. “But hey, teething, sleep deprivation and lack of adult conversation can make any angel seem like the devil.”

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