Octomom’s Doctor Accused of Negligence; License May Be Revoked


Octomom's doctor is in trouble.

On Dec. 22, the office of California's Attorney General filed papers against Dr. Michael Kamrava.

Kamrava is the obstetrician/gynecologist who treated Nadya Suleman, 34, who has given birth to 14 children, most of them through IVF, between 1997 and 2008.

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In the thirteen-page complaint, Kamrava is accused of gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, and for keeping inadequate records. The document, citing a patient with the initials "N.S.," whose age and profile match Suleman's, recommends that the doctor's license be revoked or suspended.

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The office of Attorney General Edmund G. Brown says that Kamrava transferred "a number of blastocyst embryos far in excess of ASRM [American Society for Reproductive Medicine] recommendation and beyond the reasonable judgment of any treating physician."

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Among other charges, the complaint (filed before the Medical Board of California and the Department of Consumer Affairs) alleges the Kamrava retrieved too many oocytes from Suleman when frozen embryos were available; that he planted far too many embryros during her final pregnancy (resulting in her octuplets); and that he neglected to recommend a mental health evaluation for Suleman. Suleman, a single mom, returned to Kamrava just four months after a previous pregnancy to get pregnant again in 2007.

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UPDATE: TMZ reports that the Medical Board of California  recommends that Kamrava's license be suspended. It concludes, "His failure to recognize that [Suleman's] behavior was outside the norm and that her conduct was placing her offspring at risk for potential harm."

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