Pink Tells Ellen DeGeneres That Daughter Willow Is Wild, Has a Potty Mouth

Pink and Ellen DeGeneres
Pink and Ellen DeGeneres spoke about the singer's daughter Willow. 

Daring daughter! Grammy winner Pink stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, Oct. 14, and dished about her daughter Willow‘s bold antics. 

“She’s nuts!” Pink, 35, told Ellen DeGeneres. “She’s totally nuts. She’s delicious.”

The “Try” performer went on to explain that her little girl, whom she and husband Carey Hart welcomed in June 2011, has picked up some interesting habits from her parents.

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“She’s wild — she gets that from papa,” Pink said of Willow, 3. “I’m physically cautious. I’m physical, but I’m cautious. He’s reckless and she’s reckless.”

So what has she gotten from mom? DeGeneres, 56, prompted Pink on her daughter’s speaking style, asking, “She got a potty mouth from you?” 

Pink and Ellen DeGeneres

“She does not have a potty mouth!” Pink first claimed, going on to admit, “She almost had a potty mouth.” 

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“Tell them what she said to you the other day,” DeGeneres requested. “We’ll bleep it.” 

“Am I allowed?” Pink questioned, before telling the story. “Okay, I was getting ready to go out on stage and she ran in and she must have been preparing this, like a bit. And she came and she’s like, ‘I’m f–king here,’ and I was like ‘I’m sorry… I can’t… I don’t… My ears don’t understand what you’re saying.'”

Cracking up, DeGeneres chimed in, “Wow, and then you don’t want to make a big deal out of it cause she’s going to keep saying it so… someone must’ve said that to her.” 

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“She mutters it when she thinks no one is looking,” Pink added. “But it’s so cute. I mean, I’m not encouraging it, but come on! It’s like this little 3-year-old body and… an adorable little sailor.”

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