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Rosie Pope’s Genius Hacks for Traveling With Kids This Summer

Rosie Pope
Wellington Pope, Daron Pope, Bridget Pope, J.R. Pope, Vivienne Pope, and Rosie Pope attend the Rosie Pope Baby Shoe Collection Launch on March 9, 2016 in New York City.Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be anxiety attack inducing. Pregnant in Heels star and motherhood guru Rosie Pope gave Us Weekly her top four hacks for avoiding meltdowns.

Be generous. When traveling on a plane with kids James, 7, Wellington, 5, Vivienne, 4, and Bridget, 2, the maternity designer treats her seatmates. “I like to get ahead of the issue and announce to the rows around me that I will be buying everyone a drink when the cart comes around,” Pope tells Us. “It can soften even the hardest souls around you.”

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Stick to a schedule. It’s crucial to lock in back-to-back activities such as coloring and airport scavenger hunts says the 36-year-old Brit. “This will allow the kids to stay present and not get too anxious about how much time is left till they get there. Keep your travel days organized the same way you would a feeding schedule.” 

Turn it into a game. “For every mile that the kids are well-behaved, they can earn points to be cashed in on the vacation for ice cream, dollars or some other treat that will motivate them.”

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Band-Aids are your secret weapon. Pope swears by this trick. “There is nothing quite like a toddler who is allowed to go nuts with the box,” she tells Us. “This will easily eat up 30 to 60 minutes and keep the little one calm.”

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Pope just launched a new line of adorable baby and toddler shoes for spring 2016. Her line of nursery bedding for Buy Buy Baby will be available October 2016.

The designer's husband Daron Pope is the president and CEO of Rosie Pope Maternity.

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