Urban Parents, This Valet App Will Change Your Life!


Parking in a busy city is no picnic to begin with. Add kids and shopping bags and groceries to unload and it’s a total nightmare. Until now. Thanks to the valet-parking app Luxe, with the touch of a button, you can summon someone to park your car, fuel up, bring in your packages and return your wheels to you whenever you’re ready.

“Imagine the time saved from never having to step foot in a garage, gas station or car wash again!” Luxe cofounder Curtis Lee tells Us Weekly of the service now available in New York, LA, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago and Seattle. “For parents, that time is a luxury, and thousands of happy customers have called our app a game-changer for families.”

Indeed, Luxe already counts mom-of-two Jessica Alba as a fan!

How does it work? Simply download the Luxe app, drop a pin at your location and a Luxe valet will meet you there, take your car and park it in one of Luxe’s secure lots in your city. When you want it back, just tap the “Request Car Now” button and you’re set.

Even better, they can handle that pesky maintenance: “While we have your car you can add additional services such as a car wash, oil change or gas refuel,” says Lee. 

The app was born of necessity and inspired by a dinner date Lee had with his wife in San Francisco. “We circled the block for half an hour and nearly missed the reservation,” he recalls. “The light bulb came on and I started sketching out early ideas for the company at the restaurant!”

Life’s too short to spend it looking for parking, says Lee: “You can focus on the things that are important!”

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