What’s In a Name? Jennifer Lopez’s Twins, Max and Emme

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Nameberry.com editors Pamela Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz — who penned the books Baby Name Bible and Beyond Ava & Aiden– are blogging for UsMagazine.com about why celebs choose the names they do, and what they mean.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins, Max and Emme, turn two on Monday!
Max and Emme are exactly the kind of twin names that most parents are looking for these days: compatible in sound and style, yet distinct from each other, with their own individual personalities.

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Max, Latin for "the greatest," is a celebrity baby favorite of late and is rising on the overall popularity list as well, approaching the Top 100. 
Max has long been a celebrity baby and kid favorite.  Charlie Sheen and Christina Aguilera both have young Maxes, and Dustin Hoffman, Steven Spielberg, and Nora Ephron have grown sons named Max.

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Maximus and Maximilian are long forms of Max.  Maxwell, an unrelated Scottish surname meaning "Mack's stream," is the name of the young sons of Lance Armstrong and Trista Sutter, while Will Ferrell named his son the related Scandinavian version, Magnus.
Emme is a fresh spin on the megapopular Emma and Emily, numbers one and three on the popularity list. Pronounced with two syllables, the name might take its meaning from Emma's "healer of the universe" or Emily's "energetic."
Emma and Ella are ranked as the 10th most popular pair of twin names, according to the Social Security Administration.
The most popular names for girl-boy twins are Madison and Mason, Addison and Aiden and Emma and Ethan.

A nice twist is that Emme echoes the first letter of Max without both children having the same initial, a modern way to tie the two names together but not have them match too closely.  While most parents do name twins the same initial, an increasing number are looking to more inventive ways to relate the names, as did Lopez and Anthony.

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Some examples: Using the same ending sound, as in Gabriella and Isabella or Elijah and Isaiah.  Choosing two names with a similar message, such as Faith and Hope.  Or picking two names from the same source: Biblical, for example, as with Caleb and Joshua.

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