Air Wick Holiday Commercial Shows Military Man Smelling Scents of Home While on Deployment: Watch the Tearjerker Ad

If Air Wick is trying to make us cry, it succeeded. The air freshener and candle company released a new holiday commercial titled “Home is in the Air,” that features the Feller family. 

Father of six, Kearen Feller is a member of the military who has been deployed in Qatar for 11 months. Air Wick got to work creating candle scents that smell like his home with wife Courtney in North Carolina. 

Air Wick commercial - candle
Kearen Feller smells the scents from home while on deployment in the military in Air Wick’s new commercial.

“I’ve been away for 11 months so at this point in the deployment, it greatly affects my family,” Feller said in the clip. “People ask me ‘How do you do it? You’re in the military, you’re a hero.’ And I tell them, ‘I’m no hero. Courtney is my hero.’”

Feller appreciates his wife’s sacrifices and the home she has built for their family. To help remind him of it while he’s away, scent expert Thomas Dunn at Air Wick attempted to recreate some familiar smells. 

Air Wick commercial - family baking
Air Wick’s new holiday commercial features the Feller family making the scents of home into a candle for their dad Kearen, who is deployed with the military in Qatar.

“We can actually collect scent, identify the molecules that make up those scents, and recreate them. Every scent we try to capture is a personal journey,” he said. 

Watch the touching commercial now to see Feller’s reaction upon receiving the candles!

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