Allison Janney: 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

25 Things You Don't Know About Allison Janney
25 Things You Don't Know About Allison Janney 

Actress Allison Janney, 54, reveals to Us Weekly 25 things you may not have known about her.

1. I am the voice of Aly San San on Disneyland's Star Tours Ride

2. My niece and nephew are both recent graduates of Harvard.

3. I am a bit of a fitness buff. I love hiking, long walks with my dog, and practicing Pilates.

4. My mother [Macy Brooks Putnam] was also an actress.

5. I played ice and field hockey in high school.

6. I appear dressed as a man in the background of a scene in Object of My Affection.

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7. I love hip-hop music.

8. My favorite snack is an apple topped with fresh-ground almond butter.

9. The movie Liberal Arts was filmed at my alma mater, Kenyon College.

10. One of my first professional roles was in New York on the soap opera Guiding Light.

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11. I was a figure skater in my teens.

12. My favorite movies are All About Eve and Annie Hall.

13. I was mentored by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

14. While starting out, I worked as a nighttime receptionist at a recording studio in NYC.

15. I have been friends with The Help director Tate Taylor for close to 15 years.

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16. My first crush was Davy Jones from the Monkees.

17. I have three rescue dogs. Two were adopted while I was on location shooting The Help in Mississippi.

18. I appeared in the Howard Stern movie Private Parts as a radio station manager.

19. I played Meryl Streep's lover in the film The Hours.

20. I'm great at playing Whac-a-Mole.

21. I love to throw theme parties.

22. I make a mean sangria.

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23. I went to the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming when I was a teenager.

24. I used to sell handbags at a department store in Dayton, Ohio.

25. A casting agent once told me I would only be able to play alien roles because of my [6-foot] height.

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