Ariel Winter Nails It as Mean Girls Regina George, Blair Waldorf and More Nasty Girls

Ariel Winter as Regina George; inset: Rachel McAdams.
Ariel Winter as Regina George; inset: Rachel McAdams. Sami Drasin for

Making “fetch” happen. Ariel Winter posed as ultimate mean girls Regina George and Blair Waldorf to take a stand against bullying. For the photo shoot, the Modern Family actress transformed herself into the meanest girls on the big and small screens, including the Mean Girls and Gossip Girl characters to prove a point.

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“Being mean to people is not cool,” Winter told Cosmo. “And why I found it so awesome to do this shoot and play these characters is that I’m right now trying to speak out against bullying and people tearing others down, and I love that I got to play these characters and trump them in a sense. I got to overtake them. What they do is not right — and I’m above it.”

Winter has been on a kind campaign ever since she called out Vine star Nash Grier on Twitter for posting a “homophobic and ignorant” video in January. The 18-year-old star has even come to Kim Kardashian’s defense. After Kardashian posted a nude mirror selfie, Winter defended the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, tweeting that everyone has a “right to choose what they do with their bodies.”

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Ariel Winter as Blair Waldorf; insert: Leighton Meester
Ariel Winter as Blair Waldorf; insert: Leighton Meester Sami Drasin for

“There’s absolutely no reason to be mean to other people,” Winter told “It’s unwarranted.”

For the shoot, the 18-year-old also portrayed Clueless’ Amber, Heathers’ Heather Chandler and The Craft’s Nancy Downs.

“When I was younger, we didn’t have a lot of role models that were not Regina George–like. We didn’t have a lot of super-nice women who were just OK being themselves — didn’t have to dress in designer clothes, didn’t have to bleach blonde their hair, didn’t have to limit themselves at every meal,” Winter recalled. “That promoted a lot of insecurity. People love her so much because they’re like, ‘Wow, I wish I could be like her.’ … It’s just disappointing that that’s what they consider a perfect girl.”

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