President Barack Obama Tries to List Every ‘Game of Thrones’ Death to Show It’s Harder Than Registering to Vote

The Prez has a point! President Barack Obama attempted to list every single Game of Thrones death to show that it’s a much harder task than registering to vote. The 44th POTUS put his GoT knowledge to the test in a BuzzFeed PSA released on Tuesday, June 28.

“All right, you’ve got Ned, Robb, Khal Drogo, Jon — but maybe that doesn’t really count,” Obama, 54, says in the clip above. The commander in chief then names Renly and a couple of the Starks’ dire wolves. (But wait, do animals count?)

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“And then Hodor,” the Hawaiian-born politician adds before lamenting, “That was sad.”

As previously reported, Obama is an avid Game of Thrones viewer. David Nutter, who’s directed several GoT episodes, opened up to Entertainment Weekly last summer about the president’s obsession with the Seven Kingdoms.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

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“Three weeks ago, I was the in the company of the president of the United States. He turned to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, ‘You didn’t kill Jon Snow did you?’” Nutter said he replied: “ ‘Jon Snow is deader than dead.’”

Barack Obama

Given Obama’s love for HBO’s hit fantasy series, one might expect him to list off the character killings with more ease — though to be fair, season 6 did just wrap with several more shocking casualties. However, he wanted to prove that registering to vote is easier than GoT trivia — even for a diehard fan.

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Barack Obama

“That stuff’s hard. But you know what isn’t? Registering to vote. I hope you all understand that you have the power to shape our country’s course. Don’t take that for granted,” Obama says at the end of the video (in which he tries out other “hard” activities such as making a friendship bracelet and playing the board game Operation). “Go ahead and register now at”

Watch above.


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