Beyoncé Can’t Stand The Sound of Her Own Voice

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Queen B hates "hearing herself speak". 

Any sensible diva might embrace a flaw or too, but Beyoncé's personal pet peeve may surprise you: She hates the sound of her voice.

No, not the singing voice that soars across ballads like "Halo," but her speaking voice, which is currently on display in the animated film "Epic."

"I hate hearing myself speak," Bey said in an interview with Australian magazine show "The Project"(clip below), "I think everyone does."

Mrs. Jay-Z voices Queen Tara in the Dreamworks Animation flick, and though she's not a fan of hearing herself on screen, she still loved getting the cartoon treatment.

"I hear my little crazy voice coming out of this beautiful, regal woman — I'm like, 'This is really strange, but I love it,'" she shared.

The 31-year-old also talked about working with director Chris Wedge, and how he may have feared Beyoncé would bring her own queenly attitude to work with her.

"I think he was, in the beginning, a bit nervous. Because I'm, you know, a one-namer, and usually we're divas," she said.

"But I told him, 'Listen, just tell me whatever you have to tell me! I love direction. I'm here to be your muse.'"

Just don’t play back any scenes when Beyoncé's in the building — or grab your muse some headphones.

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