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Brian Underwood, Lifelong Entrepreneur and Investor, is On a Mission to Help Other Entrepreneurs

Brian Underwood
Brian Underwood

Article written by Jordan Finkle

In recent years, the internet has become oversaturated with self-proclaimed business gurus. Those with a desire to learn more about entrepreneurship may have a difficult time separating the signal from the noise as many of these ‘experts’ do not have the experience they claim and are just looking to sell something.

Brian Underwood is an entrepreneur and investor who is one of the few exceptions. Underwood does not believe that there is a single secret to success and is wary of anyone who claims to know such a ‘secret.’ Leaning into radical honesty and transparency, Underwood’s advice emphasizes the tenacity, consistency, resiliency, networking, and hard work necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

As a thought leader in the industry, Underwood is committed to producing compelling and meaningful content on his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn pages as well as on his podcast, “Be You with BU,” which can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & YouTube. In ten different countries, on Apple Podcasts, “Be You with BU” actually debuted in the top 10 in the “Entrepreneurship” category as well as in the top 50 in the “Business” category. Aspiring entrepreneurs would do well to seek out individuals like Underwood, who has a proven entrepreneurial track record and a genuine desire to give actionable advice.

Underwood is also the CEO and co-founder of Prüvit, a modern exogenous ketone company helping people improve their lives with better energy, focus, fat loss, sleep, strength and mood. After starting the company five years ago, Underwood and the Prüvit team have done a little over a billion dollars in direct sales with over 100 million servings delivered internationally. Beyond Prüvit, Underwood has almost 30 years of entrepreneurial and investment experience to draw from. Over his career, Underwood has experienced many successes as well as failures, all of which produced equally invaluable lessons. Of course, these lessons inform Underwood’s content.

In addition to his track record, Underwood has a uniquely genuine desire to help budding business leaders instead of selling surface-level advice. As Underwood has led Prüvit from ideation to a 1.4 billion dollar company, the entrepreneur-investor does not need to become an influencer to find economic security and success. Since Underwood has already achieved his economic and personal goals, students can be sure his advice comes with no ulterior motives.

Underwood understands that while it is ultimately one of the most rewarding and fulfilling paths one could follow, the entrepreneurial path can often be lonely and scary. To this point, despite attributing much of his positive mentality and success to the lessons he learned from his parents in the loving and principled household that he grew up in, Underwood experienced a temporarily fractured relationship with his father after deciding to pursue this path.

This personal experience drives Underwood’s sincere desire to provide support for entrepreneurs who do not have it. This is precisely why Underwood produces educational and motivational content with the explicit goal of helping entrepreneurs figure out their next strategic decision as well as with the explicit goal of inspiring the next great entrepreneur.

We are excited to continue to follow Brian Underwood as he continues to help entrepreneurs follow their dreams.

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