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Brittany Murphy’s Dazed Mom, Husband Give Chilling Interview

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As Brittany Murphy's mother and husband continue to mourn her tragic Dec. 20 death Dec. 20, they have emerged to "set the record straight." Following interviews with the Associated Press and CNN, Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack appeared on the Today show Thursday to speak at length with Matt Lauer about ongoing speculation regarding the 32 year-old actress' sudden demise.

"Brittany was not taking any medication for her mood, for anorexia, or any mental illness," Monjack says in the sad, sometimes bizarre exchange, in which both he and his mother-in-law seem to be in a daze.

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"It's utterly ridiculous that these rumors have perpetuated."

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Monjack also claims that rumors of Murphy's cocaine abuse were a "physical impossibility" given her heart condition (mitral valve prolapse). What about her possible eating disorder and shockingly thin frame? The grieving husband said that his wife would "order four plates of food and eat them all" at Chateau Marmont.

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He does admit, however, that Murphy was heartbroken over unexpected disappointments in her career: a week before she died, Murphy was dropped from voicing the role of Gloria in Happy Feet 2 after studios got wind of rumors about her erratic behavior. Hollywood has "blood on their hands," Monjack rails.

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