Bruce Jenner Confronts Jimmy Fallon Over Plastic Surgery Jokes

The June 4 episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was unusually tense. Bruce Jenner made an appearance to promote the eighth season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Instead of talking about the show, however, he used the opportunity to once again confront host Jimmy Fallon about jokes he made at his expense during the 2012 Olympic Games.

(When both stars were in London last summer, Fallon made several cracks about former Olympian Jenner’s face lift during an event. They later ran into each other, and Jenner angrily asked Fallon to “stop saying sh-t about my face.”)

During Tuesday’s awkward interview, Jenner repeatedly insisted he was a good sport about everything, though he also asked Fallon to find better material for his show. More than a minute into their conversation, an amiable Fallon told his guest, “I haven’t said a word yet.”

“Don’t worry,” Jenner replied. “I’ve got the whole segment!”

Fallon, 38, laughed throughout the uncomfortable sit-down, taking the reality star’s quips in stride. Jenner,  a motivational speaker and one-time World’s Greatest Athlete, said that as a member of “the Kardashian group,” he’s used to being the butt of the joke. He added that he’s been open about going under the knife, too. “I had it done on camera in our show!” he explained.

Joking that Fallon and other late-night hosts need new material, Jenner turned the tables on Fallon by whipping out three dorky pictures of the TV star. The Saturday Night Live vet howled with laughter as each photo was shown. “All right,” Fallon said after viewing each image. “I got you. Two can play that game.”

bruce jenner on jimmy fallon
Bruce Jenner confronted Jimmy Fallon over plastic surgery jokes made at his expense on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon June 4. Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Fallon repeatedly tried to apologize for his past comments, but Jenner interrupted the New Yorker each time. “I can take it,” the athlete said, “but [Kanye West] is really pissed. . . My good friend, Kanye. . . He’s family.” (West, 35, is expecting his first child with Jenner’s stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian, 32.)

Jenner also shared his side of his Olympics run-in with Fallon. “I could tell you were a little nervous,” he recalled. “I put my hand out like I’m going to shake hands, I grabbed your hand . . . and it kind of felt like maybe you work out at Curves. It was not a firm handshake.”

Likening Fallon to “a deer in headlights” and calling him “a wimp,” Jenner, 63, said their London confrontation was “the greatest way to end the Games.”

Unprompted, he then said, “You can make all the jokes you want, but I can guarantee you, Mr. Fallon, my ass in a pair of running shorts looks a hell of a lot better than your ass.”

“I would agree with you,” Fallon replied. “And I am sincerely sorry.”

As the interview was wrapping up, Jenner said he felt good about the status of their relationship. “I think we’ve bonded,” he suggested.

“Oh, we’e bonded,” Fallon quipped. “You basically manhandled me the whole interview, so yeah, if you call that bonding, then yeah, we’re bonded.”

Fallon ended the nine-minute interview by asking Jenner, “Can we be friends?” Find out how the Olympian reacted — and see more uncomfortable moments between the two stars — by watching the video now.

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