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Soccer Player Carli Lloyd: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (Nick Lachey Was My Celeb Crush)

Carli Lloyd
Carli Lloyd

Soccer star Carli Lloyd is gearing up for her third Olympics, this summer in Rio de Janeiro — along with preparing to wed longtime love Brian Hollins in the fall. During a break from training, she shared 25 fun facts about herself exclusively with Us Weekly.

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1. I have a scar right below my neck from a beauty mark I got removed when I was younger.

2. As a kid, I licked my lips so bad that I created a ring around my lips, and my cousins nicknamed me “four-lips.” I am forever scarred from that and addicted to ChapStick.

3. I sleep with earplugs every night.

4. As a kid, I loved collecting matchbox cars and trading cards.

5. I have an obsession with writing to-do lists.

6. In high school, I got my license before all of my friends, so I drove them around in my Chrysler minivan, blasting music.

7. I would not consider myself a cat person, but growing up, we had the best cat named Buster.

8. My crush growing up was Nick Lachey. I loved 98 Degrees!

Nick Lachey
American pop and R&B boy band 98 Degrees, circa 1995. From left to right, they are brothers Nick and Drew Lachey, with Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre.

9. It is a must that I shower every night before going to sleep.

10. For the most part I eat healthy, but on occasion I pig out on my favorite pizza place back home, Pietro’s Pizza in Philadelphia.

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11. I swam on my local town swim team until I was 18. Backstroke was my best event.

12. I am an aggressive driver and yell at people when they drive slow in the left-hand lane.

13. I currently have two Olympic gold medals and am a World Cup champion, but by the time my career is over (in five years), I would like to add two more gold medals and another World Cup championship to my name.

14. I am not easily starstruck, but meeting Lionel Messi for the first time was a surreal moment I will never forget.

15. I always listen to music when I am on the bus heading to a game. Pump-up songs include Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” and Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.”

16. When I am not playing soccer, I love booking massages at Hand and Stone in Delran, NJ, and getting manicures and pedicures.

Carli Lloyd
Carli Lloyd, #10 of the United States, dribbles against Brazil at CenturyLink Field on Oct. 21, 2015, in Seattle.

17. I became addicted to coffee after the 2015 World Cup because I was operating on four hours of sleep a night.

18. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

19. I have a memoir coming out in fall 2016.

20. When I was 18, I was hiking in Arizona and got a cactus stuck on my hand. It left bumps on my hand for years.

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21. It doesn’t matter what holiday it is … I am training that day!

22. I dislike Valentine’s Day and think it is overrated.

23. I like all vegetables except peas.

24. My favorite shows growing up were Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210. I am pretty sure I have seen every single episode. Zack Morris and Brandon Walsh were my crushes.

25. I am infatuated with airplanes. I wish I could sit in the cockpit while the pilots are flying the plane.  

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