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Charlie Sheen Fires Back at Ex-Fiancee Brett Rossi’s Shocking Lawsuit

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi
Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi

UPDATE: In a statement to Us Weekly, Charlie Sheen's attorney, Martin D. Singer, tells Us that Sheen plans on fighting Rossi's claims. 

"Charlie Sheen intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit filed by Scottine Ross," the statement reads. "We are confident that Mr. Sheen will prevail in this action and will prevail on his claims for affirmative relief against her."

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Charlie Sheen’s ex-fiancee, Brett Rossi, is suing the HIV-positive actor for assault and battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and negligence. In court documents obtained by Us Weekly, Rossi claims that Sheen failed to disclose he was HIV-positive prior to sex, was verbally and physically abusive, and forced her to have an abortion so they wouldn’t have a “retarded child.”

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As previously reported, Sheen revealed that he was diagnosed roughly four years ago as HIV-positive on the Today show on Nov. 17. Sheen told Matt Lauer that he informed his sexual partners of his diagnosis. “The two people that I [had unprotected sex with] were under the care of my doctor,” he said. “They were completely warned ahead of time.”

According to the complaint, Sheen would become extremely volatile and was physically and verbally abusive toward Rossi, calling her an “ungrateful bitch,” and at one point, telling her, “Don’t you ever f–king hit me. I’ll f–king kill you.”

Rossi claims in the suit that she first met Sheen in 2013 after being offered $10,000 in cash to have sex with him. After the two “hit it off,” things became romantic. Rossi says that she had sex with Sheen at least five times before she found the medicine Truvada, which treats HIV, in his bathroom. According to the complaint, if Sheen “had disclosed to [Rossi] that he was HIV positive when they met for the very first time, [Rossi] would never have engaged in sex with him, and the resulting relationship between the two would never have occurred.”

Rossi claims in the lawsuit that after having a “heart to heart,” however, she and Sheen decided to stay together. With the former Two and a Half Men star on treatment to help prevent the transmission of HIV, the two agreed to “engage in unprotected sexual intercourse like a normal couple,” she alleges in the document.

The former adult film star asserts that when she told Sheen she was pregnant in March 2014, he forced her to have an abortion because he did not want to have a child that was HIV positive. “When [Rossi] told Sheen that she did not want to have an abortion, Sheen erupted into a fit of rage, stating he would ‘kick her to the curb’ if she did not have an abortion, and that he did not want her to ‘give birth to a retarded child,’” the suit alleges. According to the document, Rossi had the abortion after “much pressure and threats.”

The complaint also claims that Sheen was jealous of Rossi’s ex-husband and put a “hit” on him, and that he would tell Rossi in graphic detail about how he wanted to murder people. Rossi claims that Sheen dumped her “without warning” via a text message in October 2014.

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Rossi is asking for unspecified damages. Sheen’s rep did not reply to a request for comment.

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