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Chris Evans on Women: “I Like a Good Ass”

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It's hard to believe that Chris Evans was a late bloomer.

The single, attractive Avengers actor, 30, tells the May issue of Playboy he was the antithesis of a ladies' man in his teen years. "Look at pictures of me growing up. It wasn't always the way it is now. It was a bumpy road for me," Evans says. "There were kids doing a lot more than I was in high school. I just wasn't there, I guess. I lost my virginity senior year. It happened one time and only one time."

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The Boston-raised star "used to be in love with Sandra Bullock" at the time. "Sandy B. was my girl. I remember seeing Speed when I was in seventh grade and just thinking, 'That's her.'"

Bullock, 47, is exactly the kind of woman Evans is searching for. "I wish you could see some of the girls I have genuinely had crushes on in my life. They're not the girls you would assume," he says. "I like girls who are self-deprecating. I like girls who make fun of themselves. If you can't poke fun at yourself, what are you? I just want someone with a good soul. That's about it. The rest I'm really flexible on. I like a good ass, though. I will say that."

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Evans also opens up about his three-time costar Scarlett Johansson, 27. (In addition to 2012's The Avengers, they costarred in 2004's The Perfect Score and 2007's The Nanny Diaries.)

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"She's like my sister," the actor tells Playboy. "I've known her for 10 years. She's just one of the smartest people I know. It's great when someone with a razor-sharp intellect wants to have fun. A lot of my buddies who like to have fun are a little lowbrow, and that's fun, but you can laugh at only so many farts."

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