Deborah Cox Once Got Paid to Get Off the Stage: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Deborah Cox Once Got Paid to Get Off the Stage
 Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

The “More Than I Knew” chanteuse, 41 — who will star in the musicals Josephine and The Bodyguard in 2016! — rattles off her list to Us.

1. I love Twizzlers and have them on my performance rider.

2. I got paid $10 to get off the stage while singing when I was 12 because I sang "God Bless The Child" by Billie Holiday. 

3. One of my jobs was being a perfumer who sprayed samples at a department store in Toronto.

4.  I've gotten into baking and I make a dope banana bread!

5. I used to constantly replace pots because I burned everything! 

6.  I can micro braid. I love doing my girls' hair! 

7. I'm claustrophobic and some elevators in N.Y. freak me out so I take the stairs.

8. I once got a tooth filled without medicine because I hate needles. 

9. I love taking naps. 

10. I love red wine.

11. I'm also a huge tea lover. 

12.  I used to sing commercial jingles for extra money. 

13. My favorite number is 13.

14. I love reading autobiographies.

15. I still make handwritten notes.

16.  I love Caribbean food and roti with curry chicken is my favorite. 

17. I love fireworks. 

18. I'm obsessed with accents and dialects. I tend to drive my family crazy when I do them.

19. I love doing laundry but hate putting them away.

20. I prefer long drives than plane rides.

21. I'm allergic to tree nuts and I found out on a flight to Japan!

22. I'm a dog lover. I love toy breeds.

23. I'm allergic to cats.

24. I love cartoons but I don't get SpongeBob.

25. I'm not into video games. 

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