Demi Moore, Martha Stewart Share Details About Themselves on iGoogle

Google launched a project called iGoogle Showcase today that allows celebrities to share their personalized iGoogle homepages featuring their favorite content — from games to news to weather reports.

Check out some of the stars' favorite sites and interests on their iGoogle homepages: Demi Moore – follows both ESPN and Fantasy Football, is really into famous artwork, uses websites that only hardcore Internet users tend to use (like Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx), keeps up with her girly side by following Glamour news.

Ashton Kutcher – is a terrible speller, is a big football fan (loves the Bears), uses similar utilities as Demi (Twitter, Digg, Mixx, StumbleUpon), is a big promoter of his web series, Blah Girls.

Martha Stewart – loves her dogs so much that she's created an iGoogle theme for them! And she keeps a photo of them on her Picasa gadget. She also keeps up with tech news by reading O'Reilly's blog.

Wyclef – is religious and was educated on the Bible at a young age by his father; has strong roots tied in Haiti where he currently runs his cause, Yele Haiti; LOVES social networking and videos.

Rachael Ray – loves the game Scramble almost as she loves the game Boggle, thinks Italy is one of her favorite places in the world, watches movies whenever she isn't working, is a big Anderson Cooper/CNN buff.

Dave Matthews – is planning on having a pet monkey on their next tour, reads comics while Twitter is down, keeps up with both domestic and international news.

Andy Roddick – loves Rainn Wilson and The Office, is a huge Nebraska football fan, is a big music fanatic and tries to attend many concerts in his hometown of Austin.

Donald Trump – follows the stock market (shocker!) and real estate news (double shocker!), but also likes to play silly games on his homepage like The Apprentice Game and Mini-Golf. Also has a love for classic movies and NYC sports leagues.

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