Drew Barrymore: “Sexual Love Is Secondary to Me”

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Justin Long, take note.

"Sexual love is secondary to me right now," Drew Barrymore says in a new Parade magazine interview. "I've spent a lot of time in my life dedicating myself to love or the pursuit of love or the understanding of love. But for the last few years, my life just hasn't been about that for me."

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The twice-married star, 34, adds that she's "stopped believing in happy endings."

"I've started believing in good days," she says. "At the end of my movie, there's honesty. There's truth. There's peace. What tomorrow will bring is still in question. There is a joy that's earned by failure or triumph. All those things add up to teach us, if we are open to it."

She also sheds light on her relationship with her estranged mother, Jaid.

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"I believe she will see the film," she tells Parade, referring to her directorial debut, Whip It. The dramedy, starring Ellen Page, centers on a girl's rocky relationship with her mother.

"I believe she does feel pride in me," Barrymore says of her mother, to whom she became legally emancipated from in 1991.

"I used to pull a lot emotionally from all the stuff with my family, but I did not do this movie to cleanse myself of the mother-daughter debacle that happened in my life," she continues. "I have been much more objective about my childhood and my relationship with my mother in these last few years. I used to be more attached to all that. I won't deny that the baggage was there at one point."

Learning to let go of that emotional baggage has made her feel like more of an adult.

"I've always wondered what it felt like to be an adult, because I've always had to mother myself," she says. "I think maybe I finally am one."

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