Dunkin’ Donuts Unveils Holiday-Themed Coffee Cups Amid Starbucks Drama — Read the Funny Twitter Reactions

Dunkin Donuts Holiday Cups
Dunkin' Donuts unveiled their new Joy cups on Tuesday, Nov. 10.  Courtesy of Thatsalrighty/Twitter

Dunkin' Donuts is bravely serving their coffee in Christmassy-themed cups following Starbucks’ red cup backlash. The coffee brand’s cups are white with “Joy” written across them in holiday script and green and red decor.

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Dunkin' Donuts shared a photo of the holiday cup on Instagram on Tuesday, Nov. 10, along with a star emoji and the caption, "JOY."

Starbucks came under fire earlier this week for their annual red cups after an American evangelist named Joshua Feuerstein argued that the company’s plain red cup doesn't represent Christmas enough. "I think in the age of political correctness we become so open-minded our brains have literally fallen out of our head," Feuerstein said in a Facebook rant titled "Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus."

While Dunkin' Donuts’ new cup doesn’t explicitly wish customers a “Merry Christmas,” it does include what appear to be boughs of holly or pine tree branches. (Starbucks’ cups also feature a red and green motif but no other graphics.) 

“Dunkin' Donuts new slogan: 'Dunkin Donuts: Jesus Doesn't Hate Our Coffee Cups.' #StarbucksRedCup,” one customer tweeted, while another added: “Dunkin Donuts: determined to win all the right wing religious coffee drinkers.”

Others aren’t as amused by the whole war on Christmas though. Another coffee drinker weighed in with: “#ItsJustACup Get over it. Drink your coffee. Move on. Jeebus.”

Tell Us: Which cup will you be ordering this holiday season?

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