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Ed Helms Had Open Heart Surgery at 14, Gets Hiccups After Dinner: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

25 Things You Don't Know About Ed Helms
25 Things You Don't Know About Ed HelmsMichael Kovac/Getty Images

Actor Ed Helms, whose new film Vacation is in theaters now, gave Us Weekly the inside scoop and shared 25 surprising facts about himself. 

1. I’m a pretty solid harmonica player. 

2. I can spin just about any flat object under 2 pounds on my finger. 

3. I almost had a panic attack inside an MRI machine but managed to keep it together. 

4. I love politics. 

5. I’m confused by people who are entitled. 

6. I will run for hours in a game of soccer or basketball, but I can’t stand jogging. 

7. I once rode a bush plane into a remote bay in Alaska and camped for two weeks. 

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8. I’m kind of into disaster preparedness. But it’s more about just acquiring cool gear. 

9. My shoulders are very loose from competitive swimming in high school and college. 

10. I love reading, but I’m a really slow reader and it’s frustrating. 

11. As a teenager, I was a pretty gnarly white-water kayaker. 

12. I own a motorcycle but never ride it anymore. 

13. I like meditating. 

14. I think compassion and curiosity are the most attractive traits. 

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15. I have a nice, long scar on my chest from open heart surgery when I was 14. 

16. I’m a humongous fan of The Office and still can’t believe I got to be on it. 

17. I’m not an experienced chef, but I love cooking, and I am irrationally confident about my cooking instincts. 

18. I have a great workshop where I once built a batch of cigar-box guitars for my nieces and nephews. 

19. I went to camp in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. I still think it’s one of the most beautiful places. 

20. I can talk on stage in front of thousands with no problem, but playing my banjo or guitar for five people gives me stage fright. 

21. I wish more people valued community service. 

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22. I love waffles for breakfast, but only on special occasions. 

23. I often get hiccups after dinner. 

24. I love radio-controlled cars, planes, boats, and helicopters. 

25. Chewing Big League Chew gum as a kid made me want to chew tobacco. Vomiting made me want to stop chewing tobacco. 

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