Emilio Estevez Supports Anaheim Ducks With Amazing Mighty Ducks Tweets: “Quack! Quack!”

Emilio Estevez
Emilio Estevez threw back to his Mighty Ducks days as he supported the real-life Anaheim Ducks via Twitter on Monday, May 25 Brian To/FilmMagic

Gordon Bombay will never forget his roots! Emilio Estevez threw it back to his Mighty Ducks days by supporting the real-life Anaheim Ducks NHL hockey team during their heated match against the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday, May 25.

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Estevez — much to the satisfaction of fans — rattled off several references from the 1992 Disney classic while watching the game.

“GO GET ‘EM TONIGHT DUCKS!!! @AnaheimDucks#GordonBombay,” the 53-year-old tweeted. “Ducks: 2 Blackhawks: ZEEEEEEERO! Ducks Fly Together!!! @AnaheimDucks.”

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Estevez reprised his role as Coach Gordon Bombay in D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994), but ducked (pun intended) out of 1996’s D3: The Mighty Ducks. The franchise also starred a young Joshua Jackson (Charlie Conway forever!), Elden Henson, Shaun Weiss, Garette Ratliff Henson, Marguerite Moreau, and Vincent Larusso.

“I feel like a fourth film should happen, and if there was space for any of the original kids that come back and have a role, I would be surprised that anybody didn’t want to do it,” Jackson told Time magazine in June 2014.

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the mighty ducks
Emilio Estevez in “The Mighty Ducks” Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection

The Dawson’s Creek alum continued: “The next generation should have its own version. Not that we need to come back as adults, but I hope my kids grow up and play pickup hockey and I hope that they have their own movies like my generation had those movies. In that way, yeah, of course, I’d be a part of something like that.”

Read the rest of Estevez’s amazing comments below:

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