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Erin and Sara Foster Share Their Top Tips for Online Dating — And How Much Photoshop Is Too Much!

Erin and Sara Foster Share Their Top Tips for Online Dating
Erin and Sara FosterPatrick Lewis/Starpix

Social media stars Erin Foster and Sara Foster know online dating can be scary. Posting photos of yourself, meeting up with someone you don’t know — all of it. But Erin and Sara Foster also know a thing or two about online dating (they are the heads of creative for dating app Bumble). The Foster sisters sat down exclusively with Us Weekly to share what they’ve learned. 

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Be Honest!

Wanting to look your best online is great, but the businesswomen and social media stars don’t think you should alter your photos beyond recognition. 

Sara, 38, tells Us, “It’s OK to take 15, or 200, shots to get the perfect picture, but then only use one filter, one filter and a little smoothing on the skin, a little smoothing never hurt anybody and it still looks like you.” 

Her sister Erin, 36, agrees, “So I have a beautiful nose, I thank my doctor and I’m very proud of it, I want to be very transparent about these things. You need to remember, the guy’s scared, too. Everybody is scared. Meeting someone in real life, I think the best way to not be scared is if you represented yourself accurately online, and of course, don’t use that amazing photo from 10 years ago”.

Erin and Sara Foster Share Their Top Tips for Online Dating
Erin and Sara Foster Patrick Lewis/Starpix

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Show your best self!

Erin likes to lead with personality. The Girlfriend Experience actress tells Us, “Highlight the parts of your personality that you like the most, we both use humor. We’re living in this world where people are so obsessed with showcasing a false sense of their lives, but it’s all about keeping it authentic. For example, comedy is definitely a huge component of our lives so we love to showcase our sense of humor, whether it’s through our Bumble bio or the photos we choose.”

Sara, for her part, thinks being real online is paramount. 

“We just do not subscribe to this concept of using social media to make people jealous or envious of you or your life. That is not what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to empower people so that they want something that we post, and they’re saying, ‘I can be that person. There’s no reason why I can’t do what Erin and Sara are doing. There’s no reason I can’t wear those jeans or get that job or go after the thing that I want.’”

Pick a Comfortable Environment 

Erin reminds people that the connection is best felt when both parties are comfortable.

“It can be scary to meet someone out in the world. You don’t know who you’re going to meet. You don’t know how it’s going to go. People get intimidated. We want to create situations where you take an app like Bumble and you put it in real life, and you have people actually meeting in-person and going, ‘Oh, I would’ve never met you in real life, but we’re both connected through this experience,’ because Bumble is not trying to keep people on their phones, they’re trying to get people out in the world meeting people.”

And Sara likes to take the convo IRL.

“Don’t be afraid to take the conversation offline. We love the idea of messaging your match and getting to know one another online so that when you show up in person, there’s already some common ground — but it’s the in-person conversations that are crucial to creating genuinely strong and healthy relationships.”

Erin and Sara Foster Share Their Top Tips for Online Dating
Erin and Sara Foster Patrick Lewis/Starpix

Try Something Different!

Sara thinks changing the common practices is key.

“Add some personality to your bio when it comes to saying what you’re looking for, and offer up ideas to mix up the typical date night. For example, we at Bumble have created Margarita Monday with Cointreau — it is a fun way to shake things up, it’s a group environment so there’s no pressure!” 

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Erin has helped create Bumble’s partnership with Cointreau and thinks a strong margarita is the best first step.

“As heads of creative at Bumble, we are always on the lookout for new fun and meaningful ways people can connect with their matches, and our Margarita Monday events with Cointreau provide the perfect opportunity to do so. Check it out!”

Sara and Erin have done the research, through their personal lives and through their jobs, so you don’t have to!


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