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Fergie’s Night Out With Mick Jagger!

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Fergie’s "inner rock child" sure is busting out all over the place lately! No, I'm not just talking about her recent performances with Heart and Slash. The biggest example is actually last year's legendary Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert at NYC's Madison Square Garden, where the Black Eyed Peas singer hit the stage to belt out the Rolling Stones classic "Gimme Shelter" with Bono and Mick Jagger himself!

So what was it really like? Fans can now get the entire show on a new DVD collection (released Tuesday) and I was lucky enough to chat one-on-one with Fergs recently to find out what it was REALLY like – and what words of advice Sir Mick passed on to her after the show at the exclusive afterparty. Read on for the full skinny! So, what was it like playing the biggest concert EVER!

Fergie: It was a huge honor.  Then to be put with Mick Jagger — I mean, I grew up with the Rolling Stones and they are my Dad's favorite band. I've copied Jagger's moves for years! So it was electrifying to be up there with him with this crazy kinetic energy bouncing off each other because we are both nuts and so that was great. Just to have that kind of comraderie and then to be on stage with U2 at the same time is classic rock and roll brilliance for me. I probably went  to three concerts of theirs in high school.  "October" is  my favorite U2 song. Bono's voice is just so clear, smooth, and I also got to play with Edge a little bit and lean on him. My inner rock chick is living out her dream right now. I've gotten to perform with Heart. I've gotten to perform with just so many people. Some of my biggest vocal idols are rock and roll. I mean Sebastian Bach, Vince Neil, Axl Rose, Robert Plant. These are people that I have emulated vocally. 

US: I also saw you going nuts to Metallica at the concert across the aisle from me!

F: I saw Gun n Roses and Metallica when I was in high school. I have been a fan of theirs for years, and we actually got to perform with them on the in Australia. We became friends with them because we always went to their afterparties, too. The afterparty for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame was a reunion, too, because we hung out with them there. Lars always used to let me go behind his drum set, and watch the whole show from behind the drum set.
US: So when you are on stage with Mick was it like that moment where it was like so surreal?

F: It was just organic. It's when you are on stage and you are in the rock moment, you lose yourself to it. You just give up to it because it's that adrenaline; it's just kind of whatever goes, goes. That's why there's the dancing, spinning around — it's just kind of a whirlwind of excitement. That's something that I have always loved about him and I tried to emulate that. And then to be able to do it up there with him was so great because I got to utilize his energy as well as mine. It was just magnetic.
US: Everyone was just shocked too. Not shocked because everyone knows you are a great singer, but there was just this amazing growl that came out of you.  Did you channel anything for that? How did you sort of pull that off?

F: It's definitely for rock songs and you'll hear it more when I am performing with Slash. I like to play around with different parts of my voice. I actually had no voice that day, I was coming down with an infection, and I didn't know it. So, I actually would have liked to sing it even better. I am a perfectionist! The rehearsal was one of the most amazing parts for me because that was a jam session. We had the Peas there, and then when I got to do "Gimme Shelter." It was real magic.
US: And how was the afterparty?

F: I remember talking to Metallica. I talked to Mick’s girlfriend, [designer] L’Wren Scott, because we were talking about fashion. And Mick and I were talking about how we had performed at Fenway Park together, years before.  We opened for the Stones there.
US: Did he give you any advice or tell you that he was a fan in anything particular that you have done? Or vice versa?

F: He was very complimentary and I think he likes to work with people who are fearless and he can tell I'm one of those people. You have to be fearless to be on stage with Mick Jagger or he'll eat you alive. You have to bring it.
US: And you had a relationship with U2 — didn't they bring you into this because you have been on tour with them?

F: Yes they did. They are so wonderful and just included us and wanted us to be included in their performance. And again, I should I say that we were gracious, we're grateful. So of course we didn't decline.
US: Have you learned anything from Bono in terms of being a singer?

F: You know what I did pick up from U2, they all really get along. They're not like one of those bands that's fighting all the time. I just saw fights going on with Aerosmith, they are pushing each other off the stage. I know Slash and Axe have had their day. That's what we look up to as the Peas. Nobody ever wants to have that band that's fighting, because then it's like the magic just goes. You want to hold onto that.
US: What else is coming up for you guys? This endless tour finally ending? What's next?

F: Yeah. We haven't even hit Asia and East Asia and all that. We're still going, we're still making music. We have a studio bus out with us, I'm designing our shoe line, my fragrance just came out, Outspoken, and I'm working on my newer fragrance. My plate is definitely full. In between there I get to see my husband. I'm just riding this wave.
US: Speaking of solo album do you think that's coming at any time?

F: Not right this second. Will I have another one? Not anytime soon.  I'm too busy.
US: That leads to the other question everybody asks when are you going to start a family? Or do you see yourself as a mom?

F: I don't know. I have to finish the tour first. We'll see.
US: It's hard. You don't see yourself slowing down anytime soon?

F: We are working on that right now about how long the tour is going to go. We'll see, but I definitely want to have children.  

US: And for now, the Peas are going to stay together.

F: Oh yeah. We have no reason to break up. There's no reason, if everyone does their own solo project we can always come back to the Peas, we're a family.  We might take a break, but that doesn't mean a break up.
US: What did Josh feel seeing you up on stage? What was his impact about seeing you with Mick? And doing your thing up there?

F:  He loved it! He wasn't there, but he saw it on TV. He taped it and sometimes it blows his mind the people I get to work with. You know it blows my mind.
US: Does he ever say ‘I can't believe my wife can do that’?

F: Sometimes he tells me things like that. It's really cute, but I'm his biggest fan too.
US: Any other memories from performing with U2?

F: Well, the night I got to meet The Edge's parents. They are so cute with their little accent and everything. Oh so adorable. Just kind of cool to see that rock stars do have parents too!

By Ian Drew for To read more of Ian's blog, click here, and don't forget to follow him on Twitter.

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