HTGAWM’s Billy Brown Dishes on Steamy Sex Scenes With Viola Davis: Watch

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How to Get Away With Murder star Billy Brown sat down with HuffPost Live on Thursday, Nov. 12, to discuss working with his “amazing” costar Viola Davis on Season 2. The actor, who plays Nate Lahey, also dished on what it’s like to film those steamy sex scenes.

“[Viola] sets a tone as number one on the call sheet,” Brown said. “Not just with us actors, who collectively have less experience than she does, but with the crew as well.”

Viola Davis and Billy Brown
Viola Davis and Billy Brown in How to Get Away with Murder. ABC/Tony Rivetti

The actor explained that Davis “shows up ready to go” and always has her “game face on” as Annalise Keating.

“She shows up and you want to keep up with her,” he explained. “She’s first to admit if things aren’t flowing, so she’s comfortable in that way as well. She’s just easy with herself. You pick that vibe up and you want to show up prepared.”

As for those steamy sex scenes? Brown revealed that filming them isn’t as glamorous as it looks on-screen.

“There are so many people on set. There’s so many stops and interruptions and breaks,” he said. “It’s not about the kissing or the holding.”

Brown said that the TV crew often gets in the way, stopping the cameras from rolling for something as minor as a “wrinkle in the pillow.”

“All of a sudden, they’re micromanaging every move,” he said. “All you wanna do is make out with your costar and they’re getting in the way of it.”

Brown added, laughing, “The tongue is real. Just make it comfortable; grab the ass!”

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